What can I do for checking my Gmail login history?

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Checking Gmail login history is mandatory to keep your mail account secure. This is because everyone has personal and private details and documents in their account. History will reveal if there is an unknown device on which your account is signed in. History will tell the location, time, and device on which you have previously signed into your Gmail account.

There is a perfect way through which you can try for checking your Gmail login history on your device. We are here with the same and you have to follow the steps to check the history of your Gmail account.

Identify Gmail Sign-Ins & login history

Access your Gmail account and scroll down to go to the bottom to see the Gmail screen and then,

  • There you will find a section that says “Last Account Activity”
  • Just under that, you will see the word “Details” and there you have to click on it. Now you can see the time when your Gmail account was used along with the device name.
  • If someone has accessed your Gmail account and you don’t know about it then, you should immediately change the password. When you change the password, click on the option that appears on the screen “sign out of all devices”.

Note: It is strongly recommendable to enable Two-Factor authentication to keep your account secure from unknown and strange sign-in attempts.

  • Apart from showing all sign-in sessions, there is an option to sign out of other sessions on all devices. You have to choose option “Log out all other session”
  • Scroll down and click on Change link from the Alert Preferences to change the same. By default you can see an option “Show an Alter on Unusual Activity”

Ways to check Google “Last Account History” details

There are also different ways to check the last account activity and all of them we are going to discuss in the below section.

  • Review Previous Signed-In Devices
  • Access your Google Account and check Security from the left navigation panel
  • Choose the Manage devices on the “Your Devices” panel

Now you can see devices where you are signed in to your Google Account recently. You can know more by choosing a device

Review Devices Where You Signed Out

  • Access your Google Account and choose Security
  • Choose Manage devices on the “Your” devices panel
  • Scroll down to bottom for the option “Where you have signed out”
  • You will see the list of devices where you have logged out of the Google Account in the last 28 days
  • Log-out on the Device, you don’t use

You can keep your account secure, log out from all devices that are lost or no longer own.

Important: If you don’t recognize a device or there is unusual activity on the account then, follow the steps to secure the account

  • Go to the Google Account and choose Security on the left navigation panel
  • Choose the Manage devices on the “Your” devices panel
  • Sign out and choose the Device and you are all set
  • Account Security if there is an unknown device
  • You can access to Google Account
  • There you have to choose Security on the left navigation panel

Choose the Manage devices on the devices panel and then, click on “Don’t recognize a device?”

These are a few steps through which you can check Gmail login history and can customize logins as per the preferences. If you find any suspicious activity on your account then, immediately sign out from all devices.

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