Checklist: Want to Set Up a Server Room?

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If your small business setup has now grown over time and now you plan to create a server room, you have come to the right place. In this post, we have discussed every step for setting up a server room in detail, including smart infrastructure solutions and the selection of suppliers and best cctv company.

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Steps for Setting Up a Server Room

Know About Your Needs and Allocate a Budget

The first and most important step for setting up any server room is to determine its size and it solutions company in dubai. To do so, you should keenly know how much cloud storage your business needs. Depending on the same, choose the sizes of servers. Additionally, you should also allocate a budget for it beforehand so that when you’re setting it up, you won’t run short on funds.

Get the Key Components best cctv company

After knowing about your needs and deciding on a budget, the next step is to buy the necessary equipment. Firstly, you should jot down the things you need for the basic skeleton of your server room.

Some of the things that you’ll be needing are:

Server Racks need best cctv company

Racks play a key role in the development and working of a server room. They not only help in organizing your server room but they also prevent mishaps from happening. With racks, you will find it easy to add more equipment or remove the existing one.

Power Distribution

Power distribution is undoubtedly the lifeline of the server room. It is an important task and should be laid down properly so best cctv company are available for fix the breakpoints.

Cooling Equipment

As your server room is going to be a place where a lot of equipment is going to run 24/7, you should install some cooling equipment too. Try to put 1 or 2 ACs, exhausts and other atmosphere maintaining machines in your room.

Install Your Equipment

After getting all the things required for setting up your server room, the time for practically starting it comes. For the installation of the equipment in your server room, you should take the help of your IT team. And if you don’t have one, hire someone for the job as it is quite technical.

Develop a Solution for Security

Server rooms are indeed one of those places in your office where the most expensive equipment is present. Not only is the equipment costly rather it’s the backbone of your entire setup. So, it is also your responsibility to take proper steps to ensure its safe and secure functioning. For this, you must do the following:

Establish a Power Backup

Having a backup power source for your server room is crucial because if anyhow the power is interrupted, your whole system will go down. And a power backup system will prevent this from happening.

Access to Control

You should set up some sort of security at the entrance of your server room so that only authorized personnel are allowed to access it.

CCTV Cameras

Similarly, you should put up CCTV cameras in your server room to provide additional security. For this dynamic environment hire the best cctv company in Dubai to fixed the video cameras for breakpoints and smooth functionality


These are some simple steps you need to follow for establishing your own server room. However, when you’re doing so, we recommend you to get the equipment from some reputable retailer. For instance, if your company is located in the Middle East, you should get it from the best server racks suppliers in Dubai to make sure the equipment is of top quality and has a long life. 

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