Choosing the Best SEO Company That Works – A 10 Point Checklist

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Why should you work with the top SEO company?

We receive a lot of emails offering link-building services such as guest blogging and forum posting. While this was effective before Penguin, Google now considers any low-quality or improperly developed relationships to be spam. The same can be said for content that is overstuffed with keywords, plagiarised, or otherwise unpleasant to users.

Google regularly publishes new search signals and algorithms, and your competitors are improving on their SEO as well. In this instance, the SEO firm you choose must be the best. Here’s a quick checklist to go over before hiring an SEO company Chapel Hill NC.

Do you have a clear goal in mind?

Before you can ask your SEO partner to assist you in achieving your goals, you must first identify them. Are you confident that you need SEO? Do you want to increase website traffic or simply receive a website audit to determine whether you’re following best practices?

Do you know what SEO recommended practices are?

Implementing SEO takes time, but knowing about SEO best practices is simple. Before you begin looking for services, you should become acquainted with the most recent SEO advances. Visit several SEO blogs to learn how search engines rank websites.

How did you discover them?

Inquiring for referrals is one of the simplest ways to examine an agency and prevent wasting time and money. Don’t place too much stock in what the organization says about itself.

Have you heard anything about their accomplishments?

Before you hand over your money, inquire about your prospective SEO company’s client success stories. Take it a step beyond their website’s testimonials. Contact their previous clients to verify their claims.

Have you had a chance to meet them in person?

Even if you live in another country, the Internet has made it simple to meet people in person. It is highly recommended that you meet with your SEO staff in person, or at the absolute least connect with them over Skype or phone. Examine how they discuss it and reply to your questions to evaluate their level of expertise.

Are they a good fit for your company?

There is no guarantee that a top-tier SEO service will also do an excellent job for your company. It’s a good idea to give them a few of your difficulties and listen to what they have to say. Their response will reflect their level of experience as well as their interest in resolving your concerns.

What is their communication strategy?

The effectiveness of your SEO effort is dependent on effective communication. Is the company you’re considering offering customer service, and if so, what kind? What kind of SEO reports will they supply, and how frequently will they provide them? Frequently, a system of SEO reporting, troubleshooting, and feedback must be in place.

What is the name of the person in charge of your project?

SEO is a time-consuming procedure that covers everything from an SEO evaluation to on-page optimization, internal linking, and off-page optimization. You must understand who is in charge of your account from the start. If things don’t go as planned, someone needs to be held accountable.

How many vendors are you interviewing in total?

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to choosing specialists to conduct your SEO. Different organizations may bid anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for deliverables that look the same. While it is always useful to consider and seek quotes from multiple vendors, money should never be the most significant element in your decision.

Do you intend to pursue a long-term strategy?

SEO isn’t something you do once and then abandon. As search spiders get more clever, there will always be room for improvement. You should work with an SEO company that will be a long-term partner in keeping your website at the top of search results.

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