College dorm party

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College dorm party is a mobile app which aims at bringing together students of all colleges to have fun. The platform provides the venue, and the user can choose his/her college, time and place to host a party.

Our mission is to bring together like-minded students from across the country to help each other out, share resources and make friends while living the college life we deserve.


Don’t you have enough privacy in your dorm? Noisy roommates, snoring neighbors, invasive lights and sounds emanating from the party across the hall? All this can ruin your good mood while studying. But you know what can help? An app that will allow you to turn off all of these distractions with one tap of a button, and bring noiseless silence in your room.


college dorm party is an online resource that offers college students insider tips and tricks to help make their academic life easier.


college dorm party is a platform where students can share their fun college moments with their friends. We provide the best tips, tricks and ideas to help them plan an unforgettable party.


College dorm party is a fun and entertaining game where you can play with your friends, family and more. It’s super easy to learn, so don’t hesitate and join the fun!


college dorm party is the largest supplier of college boys and girls in the entire country. With our new AI algorithms, we are able to match you with your dream date for a night of fun!


college dorm party is a marketplace which connects college students with other college students who are throwing parties. They also help in promoting these parties through their app and website.


college dorm party is a new concept of offline group buying. It’s a place where you can find the best deals and offers in food, travel & lifestyle to make your experience more affordable, convenient and fun.


college dorm party is a content driven platform that provides videos and photos of students having fun in hostel rooms. It’s like snapchat but with more


college dorm party provides college students with a venue to plan and host their own parties in a fully managed environment. It is an online platform where users can search for a wide range of events and plan them at locations of their choice. The platform also enables event managers to manage the entire lifecycle of events from creation, marketing, booking management, to event execution and post-event analytics.


Do you want to throw a fun party but lack the resources and/or knowledge required to make it happen? college dorm party is here for you! We have a team of professionals ready to help you plan, organize and execute a successful event. From drawing up invitations to hiring entertainment and coordinating with caterers, we do everything. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your super-fun party!

college dorm party is a new online platform that connects students with universities and colleges to learn about college life, find out about the campus environment, what to expect in their first few weeks at university, and how to prepare for the move.


College Dorm Party is the 1st & Only All Inclusive collegiate social networking site. Filled with tons of fun games, music videos, pictures and more college dorm party site is all about partying at college!


college dorm party is a new kind of mobile app. It is a social network that connects those who are already sharing their lives with the people they care about most – their college friends. The app brings together people all over the world and helps them stay connected, regardless of what they’re doing or where they are.


college dorm party is an online portal for students to book events at their university’s campus, find new friends, and get a discounted room.


The only party app you’ll ever need. College Dorm Party is a multi-platform mobile application that helps you create, manage and attend the funnest parties on your campus.


Get your exclusive College Dorm Party here. This site features the best selection of college party supplies, dorm decorations and more!


college dorm party provides a perfect platform to host amazing college events. Whether you are looking for something unique and cool, or just want to hang out with friends, this app is the number one choice for hosting the best party ever!


college dorm party is an app that enables college students to throw the most epic parties inside their campus apartments. It’s a platform for party organisers and event planners across the world to discover, plan and execute their parties in an easy way.


college dorm party. is an app that helps you organize your dorm which allows you to be more productive and efficient by eliminating the clutter. The app will help you keep track of what furniture is in each room, where you can find things like comforters, towels, etc.


college dorm party is a website that sells alcohol to minors. It is used by minors to get alcohol delivered straight to their door in less than 30 minutes


We manage dorm parties at universities (in the US and India) for students. Students can request party through our website or app, which is designed to be very user-friendly and intuitive. We send a team of college party managers who manage the party for you – from decorations to food.  They also help you get the most out of your event – whether it’s playing games, setting up photo booths, etc.


The college dorm party is a special event for the freshers of IIT Bombay. The aim of this event is to make new friends, meet people from other colleges and hostels, and enjoy the fun together.


college dorm party is a web app that allows college students to throw events in their campus and invite fellow students.


college dorm party is an online store that provides everything you need for a fun-filled college life. Whether it’s your first year or last, we have everything you need to make your stay in the campus a memorable one. Visit our website for more information about what we provide.


college dorm party. is a website that serves all the parents and students in the world who are searching for an ideal place that gives them the ultimate pleasure of having fun with friends and family members in a safe environment.


college dorm party provides a platform to connect with your friends and have fun! It’s not just a platform for creating events, but also a place to discover new ideas, share the latest trends and discuss things that are happening around you. Socialize with people from your city, find new friends or even love!


college dorm party is the best website to buy stuff for your dorm. We have all kinds of products like coolers, cups, dry erase boards, and more! If you are planning a big party in your dorm then don’t forget to check out our huge selection of alcohol and decorations. You can even get a keg for all of your friends as well as other things like fun games.


You’d think that going to college would mean you have more freedom and can do whatever you want. But it’s not that easy. For many students, college is a new experience filled with challenges from making friends to getting good grades.


Never waste a Saturday night again! With college dorm party, you can throw a party at your college and invite people from other colleges around you.


college dorm party is a service that lets you throw parties in your college roommates’ dorm rooms. No going out, no cleanup, just an epic night with fun people in the comfort of your own room.


College Dorm Party is the largest college dorm room decor discovery site on the internet. We connect students with a huge selection of decorations for their dorm rooms, including posters, pillows, bedding, and more!


College dorm party is a delivery based on-demand service for college students. We help you to host the ultimate party in your room and provide you with food, drinks, decorations and everything else you need.


Hosting a party in your dorm? Get the party started with a plan. Add things to your cart, invite friends, and get updates on what’s happening.


college dorm party is a startup that specializes in providing fun-filled and memorable events to students in college. We plan, organize and execute night outs for students from colleges all across the city.


College dorm party is an app that allows students to create and organize parties in their college dorm. It’s easy to use – simply set up a party, invite friends, and post pictures of the event.


college dorm party is the best place to get all your essential supplies for your next party at college. we offer a wide range of products for you to choose from – starting from plates and cups to some cool and funky stuff like glow sticks, banners, and bollywood posters!


college dorm party is the best platform to connect students with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking for a fun, getaway or an activity partner or even just a friend; we have it all covered.


college dorm party is a logistics platform that caters to your college needs. Whether you are looking for an apartment or planning an event, we can help!


The college dorm party app transforms the way you plan your parties. With amazing features like these, college dorm parties are never going to be the same again!


college dorm party is a new type of social network that connects students from all over the world.

college dorm party is the best thing to do on a Friday night. It is full of fun and surprises for your friends. You pay for what you want and get unlimited drinks, snacks, music and attractions with the ticket price. Best of all? You can bring as many friends as you want!


Lets party the way we want, where we want. Dorm Party is about freedom, individualism and student life. We believe in the power of young minds and the excitement of youth. So break free from the shackles of routine, tradition and timeworn conventions and light up your nights on our platform.


college dorm party is a platform where you can find the best events happening in and around your city. So, whether, its a barhopping or a houseparty or even an outdoor festival, we have them all here.


Take a tour of our new website, college dorm party. We now offer everything you need to throw the perfect party at your dorm. From event supplies to party decorations, we have it all!


college dorm party is the best way to find roommates in your area. We make renting a room easy and fun. With college dorm party you can quickly find the perfect roommate for your next year of school.


college dorm party is the best theme for your college life. There are a lot of funny, crazy and amazing things happen in the party! You can share the moments with us.


CollegeDormParty is the premier online destination for college students to find and attend exclusive, on-campus parties! Party with other college students at hundreds of exclusive parties in all 50 states!


The college dorm party is a place where people can meet, socialize and make friends. It is a platform for people who want to find someone nearby to hang out with.


College dorm party is a platform that helps to plan and manage all the events in the university. With this, you can make your college life more fun and memorable Learn More

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