Common Causes and Injuries Associated with Car Accidents

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Did you know that over 1.3 million Car Accidents occur annually around the world? Casualties o are left with many problems besides physical injuries, including medical expenses, damaged property, emotional anguish, wrongful deaths, and much more.

If you or a loved one is a car accident survivor, you should be compensated for the loss. A Wasilla car accident lawyer can help in your pursuit for justice by offering legal advice, and legal representation if the case goes to court.

Causes of Automobile Accidents

According to the U.N, the following the common causes of auto accidents:

Over Speeding

There’s no state without traffic laws, not only in America but the world over. Traffic laws in provide legal speed limits to be observed by motorists in respective jurisdictions. Urban motorists shouldn’t exceed 55 Mph on double-lane roads. In addition to that, motorists should observe speed limits for different zones.

Intoxicated Driving

Banned substances, such as OTC and prescription drugs are potential intoxicants that can land a driver in trouble. You should drink moderately to avoid exceeding the accepted BAC limit in America–0.15 BAC for most states, otherwise, you could be up for imprisonment, license revocation, or a driving ban if convicted of a DWI offense.

Disobeying Traffic Rules

Disobeying traffic rules, traffic authorities, and traffic sign can result in serious accidents. A simple driving mistake jeopardizes your life and that of the other road users, increasing the chances of fatal accidents.

Human Error

Car accidents are unavoidable at times, even when you drive carefully and observe all road safety guidelines. The carelessness and negligence of another person can result in accident, and you shouldn’t blame yourself when such situations arise.

Driver Distraction

Human beings have a short concentration span and that’s why most motorists become distracted after driving long distances without resting. America traffic laws prohibit motorists from covering long distances without taking a break.

Motorists should focus on driving because other activities can cause distraction, leading to accidents.

Poor Road Networks

It the duty of motorists to be conscious of their surroundings, including being aware of the status of a road. Motorists should adjust their speed accordingly when driving on damaged sections of a road to avoid running into oncoming traffic or hitting pedestrians.

Road Intolerance

The standard advice is to assume the other road users are insane and you’ll avoid many accidents. You should also be courteous and give way because your life is more important.

  1. Spinal Cord Injuries

A spine injury can cause permanent disability if the injury is severe. The body may paralyze temporarily if the injury isn’t serious. The brain sends signals to body organs through the spine, meaning spine injury can interfere with the normal functioning of the body, causing other health complications.

  1. Head and Brain Injury

A head injury can either cause a minor bruise, concussion, or brain damage, if a casualty isn’t treated immediately. Brain injuries are typically invisible in most cases; they can cause clotting if blood vessels were injured to the point of breaking.

  1. Internal Organs Injury

Most casualties discover they had internal injuries when it’s too late, mostly when they start experiencing pain. You should seek medical help immediately after an accident and request for a full body checkup.


Importance of a Car Accident Lawyer

The importance of car accident lawyers include:

Explaining Legal Statutes

Your lawyer should demystify law by explaining unclear concepts, including legal rights, statutes of limitation, legal defenses, applicable statutes, recoverable damages, and much more. Defendants or their insurance companies take advantages of legally-ignorant plaintiffs to deny or avoid liability.

Wealth of Experience

Personal injury lawyers handle car accident cases every day and they know what works and what doesn’t in different situations. Your lawyer will evaluate the facts of your case and recommend an appropriate legal avenue to resolve your case.

Legal Representation

The primary role of Car Accidents is to provide legal representation to their clients in in their legal situations, and car accident lawsuits or claims aren’t exceptional. Your lawyer should represent you in court, liaise with insurance companies, and negotiate fair settlements with the faulting party Learn More

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