06 Most Common Moving Home Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Are you preparing to move out? You may be dealing with lots of packing and dragging things. Well, that’s pretty normal. But, you all tend to forget a few don’ts to avoid moving scams. Typically, the moving checklist is so long that we get caught on a moving day. Fortunately, this article will help you a lot. 

Moving and relocation must be fuss-free. Therefore, think about your current home and the new one simultaneously. Make sure you connect electricity and gas to your new home. Then take care of the property on a moving day. So, here are the seven most common mistakes you should avoid when moving:

  1. Dragging and damaging furniture
  2. Trusting unreliable movers
  3. Damaging the floors while moving
  4. Not preparing a bag for moving-day essential
  5. Moving without confirming basic utilities in your new home
  6. Irritating your neighbors

Common Moving Mistakes

Unfortunately, no matter how much you try, you are most likely to bang the furniture when moving out. It’s easy to scratch your chairs, sofas, and table in the moving process. But, you can avoid this mishap to some extent. So, the best way is to prep your furniture first. Disassemble your furniture as much as possible and use paper or small blankets to cover the arms and legs of the table to avoid hitting and scratching them. Also, use moving dollies or tools to load heavy objects.

  • Trusting unreliable movers:

The worst thing that can happen on a moving day is moving scams. So, hire the most trustable movers for loading and shifting your essentials. Some cunning movers may get hold of your stuff by simply vanishing. To avoid that, check the movers’ license and their company ID. Moreover, you can also ask your relatives, friends, or neighbors to help you out in moving and shifting stuff. It is far a better option than hiring strangers. 

  • Damaging the floors while moving:

Here comes another common moving mistake. You may accidentally scratch your floors while moving stuff. First of all, avoid dragging heavy furniture and using trollies. Secondly, be extra careful with hardwood floors. Furthermore, use old carpets, rugs, or blankets to move TV trollies, cupboards, and other things.

Damaging the floors while moving:

  • Not preparing a bag for moving day essential:

Amid all the moving fuss, you may forget about some moving day essentials. So, make sure you prepare a bag of some conditions two days before the moving day. It should contain toiletries, medicines, significant records, a wallet, toilet rolls, paper towels, an extra set of clothes, a toolkit, and cleaning supplies. In addition, take a temporary blanket or a mattress if you are moving a bed. Also, pick up at least two meals on the way to your new home. 

  • Moving without confirming essential utilities in your new home:

This one is the biggest mistake one can make while moving. Relocation demands confirmation of your utilities two weeks before you move. So make sure you connect electricity and gas before you move out. Otherwise, you will have to spend the whole night without heat and electricity. To avoid this, turn on these essential utilities in advance. If the situation does not get better, talk to the owners.

  • Irritating your neighbors:

One thing is for sure. You don’t want to mess up with your neighbors on a moving day. To avoid any disturbance, inform your neighbors about the trucks and loading hassle beforehand. Furthermore, you might as well ask for their help while moving stuff. Also, try to avoid blocking driveways or parking lots. Or make sure you have the parking permit. 


A few common mishaps and you will ruin your moving day. The bottom line is that you should avoid dragging and damaging furniture and floors while loading heavy objects. Use dollies and moving tools. Moreover, the last thing you want is ticking off your neighbors and relocating with no electricity and gas. So, pack some of your essentials, and do not underestimate these moving mistakes. 

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