Configuration of the Wavlink Wireless Extender Via Ap.setup

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The Wavlink wireless extender can be your wireless access point, universal repeater, and wifi router device. It is a dual-band wifi booster that can help to deliver flawless internet speed. You enjoy 1200 Mbps of high speed without any disturbance of the dead spots. Moreover, you can transfer or share large files with anyone by using the Wavlink range extender. It works as three in one and includes two Ethernet ports that seamlessly connect to the Ethernet devices while you are using an increased wifi connection. Moreover, the extender has four high-range external antennas that provide the best wifi performance and boost the speed of wifi coverage by ending the dead spots.

The Wavlink wifi extender setup extends the range of your network connection throughout the house. Moreover, the device supports integrated power over the internet connection which allows installing the Wavlivk extender at those places where the range connection does not reach easily. You can use the Wavlivk extender at those places and still it provides you an amazing wifi speed that surprises you.

Configuration Steps for the Wavlink Wireless extender

The Wavlink wireless extender device helps to do the setup by using different methods. It includes the IP address that makes sure that you are safely connected to the wifi range extender. For the setup, you can use the wireless connection or the connection by using an Ethernet cable. You can also use the manual method to run the setup page of the Wavlink range extender.

Wavlink Wireless extender Setup Via Manual method

Simply install the Wavlink wifi range extender by using the manual method. Simply plug the Wavlink wireless extender range extender near the wifi router device or modem. When the green LED turns ON, then the device. Then connect the wifi device with any wireless smart gadget such as computer, laptop, or mobile device. After that, open the wifi settings and then tap on the wifi option. Now you will see a network name with Wavlink Extender Setup_Ext. Connect the wifi with the ext network name. Then open the web browser and type ap.setup into the address bar. Now you can see the Wavlink extender page on your windows screen. Henceforth, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup by using the manual method.

Wavlink Wireless extender Setup Via WPS Button

Use of the WPS button is the simplest method and can be performed only when your range device supports the WPS button. If it does have the WPS button then you go with the manual method for the setup of the Wavlink wireless extender wifi extender. You need to place the Wavlink range extender near the modem or the router. The power on the button of the device and wait for the LED to turn into solid green. When the light-powered up then you can use push the WPS button of the Wavlink range extender. Now on the extender and the router, you will see a blinking power LED light. Hence, push the WPS button of the router and the modem as well.

On the wireless router, you will see a blinking green LED light. Afterward, wait for a few minutes and let the extender sync with the home networking connection. Finally, the Wavlink extender setup is completed. Now you can log in to the http //ap.setup page for the configuration of the Wavlink extender.

Manual Setup for the Comsat WiFi range extender

You can connect the comsat range extender to the wireless device. Simply open an safe internet browser and then enter the default IP address of the Wavlink range extender. On the login page, enter the username and the wifi password to access the setup of the device. Hence, the repeater device starts searching for the signal. Now tap on the home wifi network for the connection in your entire house. You need to wait for thirty seconds so that the wifi booster can sync with the home networking connection. Well, the installation is completed. Finally, find a suitable position and place the wifi range extender.

Final words

The Wavlink wireless extender is the next-generation wifi device. It also helps to find a suitable location where you can put the device and use it as an access point, not the repeater. If you are using the rage extender as an access point. Use the mobile device to find the best location for the range extender. To get a smooth and fluent networking speed to reset the power cycle of the device to clear the data after one week of use. To use this product in a better way, read the technical specification of the Wavlink extender Learn More

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