How Do I Connect Alexa to SmartThings?

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Alexa has proven as a valuable toy that obeys your commands. What happens if you don’t need to speak the instructions? What if you could simply create a schedule for all the tasks to be completed? This is where SmartThings comes and helps. If you want to know more about how to connect Alexa to SmartThings, read the information given below.

What is the SmartThings concept?

Before you proceed, it is important to understand what you mean by SmartThings. It’s the Samsung app that converts your home into a smarter place.

The requirements to Connect Alexa to SmartThings

It is necessary to be using the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap. Alexa could be utilized to manage SmartThings lighting bulbs, lights that turn on and off, dinner switches and more. You can make use of multiple Alexa devices with one Alexa account to manage SmartThings devices across your home. But at present, you can only manage SmartThings devices from a single area.

Step-by-step Guide to Connect Alexa to SmartThings

●      Download all of the applications

Before beginning the process started, download the mobile apps of Smart Things or Alexa. They can be found in the Play Store or in through the App Store, which is available for Android and iOS. It’s a good idea to get your Alexa today if you don’t have it yet.

●      Connect Alexa to SmartThings via the app

When you open the app, you will be able to access the Home menu. It is located at the bottom left. It’s house-shaped. Follow the steps listed below.

  1. Scroll down to “Your Smart Home Skills” and turn it on.
  2. Once enabled, search for “Smart Things’ and turn it on too.
  3. Then, you will need to log into your SmartThings app to connect your Alexa as well as SmartThings.
  4. If you do not have a Samsung or SmartThings account then you should access the SmartThings app and first register a login. It’s crucial to have this information ready as you will need to connect your accounts to Alexa app.

●      Login

If you already have a SmartThings account, head again to the Alexa application to finish the connection. All you have to do is input the details of your account, and then log in and then authorize your SmartThings location. After you have successfully logged in you will see the field “from” in which you can enter the place for location.

  • Click on the devices and then select Discover Devices. You can also ask Alexa and search for new devices, to use as an alternative.
  • You’ll have to wait until Alexa detects your SmartThings device. If the message Devices Discovered pops up and your SmartThings devices are displayed in the devices section you are now able to start using Alexa using SmartThings.

You can control several devices using Alexa. You can even control devices that Alexa is connected to.

Update of the device

You can change the location at any time you connect new SmartThings gadgets into your residence. Alternately, you can modify the SmartThings items you have and then change the information using Alexa. You’ll need the SmartThings mobile app to do this. Follow the instructions to get the app.

  • Launch the SmartThings application.
  • Click on the Menu.
  • Select SmartApps right now. After that, click Amazon Echo.
  • See what devices Alexa is able to access in MyDeviceList.
  • Tap to finish.
  • Click Next. You will receive a notification on the app if other steps are required.

How do I make Routines within SmartThings?

Follow the instructions below to build the routine.

  • Start the SmartThings application.
  • Press the menu button.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Go to Connected Services.
  • Choose Amazon Alexa now.
  • Turn the Routine button to ON. Click Next.
  • Tap to finish.
  • Now, say Alexa Find new devices. This will enable Alexa to detect what is new.

How do I create routines using SmartThings Classic?

  • Start and launch the SmartThings Classic App.
  • Click on Automation.
  • Select the SmartApps tab.
  • Select Amazon Alexa.
  • Once more, turn the switch on of the routine.
  • Tap Next.
  • For the final step select Done.
  • Then say, “Alexa Discover new devices’ to allow Alexa to be able to recognize this new pattern.


As a default feature, Alexa is able to access all of your SmartThings devices once connecting with Amazon Echo and SmartThings. You can choose to block the access from any gadget. If you are unsure about this issue or would like to know more details, contact our team right now.

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