Corsair mouse

Corsair mouse is a leading manufacturer of high-performance components to the PC hardware market. We focus on providing gamers and enthusiasts with high quality, highly functional components that enable them to build fast, cool and quiet PCs. Our product range includes DDR4 and DDR3 memory upgrades, SSDs, gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, mouse pads and SP120 RGB fans.

Corsair mouse

Corsair mouse is a gaming mouse. It has an 8200 dpi precision sensor, and a high-resolution optical sensor that tracks flawlessly on almost any surface.

corsair mouse is a revolutionary wireless gaming mouse. This product is designed for both comfort and performance. It has 8 programmable buttons that allow you to play games with efficiency and speed.

The Corsair mouse M65 Pro RGB is a professional-grade gaming mouse that’s designed for comfort and style. This Corsair Gaming mouse has nine programmable buttons and a high-performance laser sensor that delivers exceptional accuracy, precision and responsiveness.


Corsair mouse SABRE RGB Optical MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse. The advanced optical sensor delivers accurate tracking, no matter how fast your mouse movements are.

Corsair mouse M65 RGB is the high-performance gaming mouse designed for competitive play. It combines an ultra-durable lightweight construction with eight easily programmable buttons and a powerful sensor to provide accurate, reliable tracking. The 8200 DPI laser sensor tracks fast and precise, so you enjoy responsiveness no matter how fast your mouse movements are.


Corsair mouse RGB mouse is in sync with all the action, thanks to its high-accuracy optical sensor. It’s ultra-fast polling rate and advanced surface calibration deliver incredible responsiveness on virtually any gaming surface.

Corsair Gaming™ M65 PRO RGB is a high-performance gaming mouse, engineered with an advanced optical sensor and eight programmable buttons. The new military-grade metal core chassis gives it a solid, rugged feel, and the RGB lighting lets you customize the look to match your style.

M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming

Corsair mouse M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse is an optical gaming mouse that comes with a 12000 DPI sensor. It has eight programmable buttons and is equipped with a memory which you can use to store your custom settings.

Corsair Mouse is a mouse brand by CORSAIR. It features an eight-piece weight tuning set, nine programmable buttons and a comfortable design that provides superior grip even during long play sessions.

Corsair mouse

Corsair mouse M65 RGB FPS Gaming Mouse is a high-performance gaming mouse designed for competition-level esports play. With eight programmable buttons, a comfortable design and reliable hardware, this is the weapon of choice for today’s top players.

This Corsair mouse is an excellent choice for gamers, comes with 12000 DPI and good ergonomics. The movement of the mouse is very smooth and accurate; it has high accuracy, fast response time.

Corsair is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming peripherals, including cases, cooling fans and memory modules. The company was founded in 1994 by engineers who met on the Internet in a discussion forum for computer hardware.

Computer components Corsair mouse

Corsair is a company that makes computer hardware and peripherals. It was founded in 1994 with the mission to develop products such as DRAM, flash memory and other computer components.

Corsair mouse M65 Pro RGB gaming mouse is the ultimate weapon, featuring an 8200 DPI laser sensor that can be tuned to your exact needs, a comfortable, lightweight design and advanced features.

Corsair mouse Mice are packed with features that give you an edge in the game. The world’s fastest gaming mouse, the M65 RGB Laser, is designed from the ground up for accuracy and performance. Advanced surface calibration technology gives you precise control over your mouse so every move counts – giving you an edge over the competition.

Enthusiast memory

Corsair mouse Peripherals is a division of the world leader in enthusiast memory, performance computer hardware, and high-performance PC systems.

It features a 6400dpi 4G laser sensor for pinpoint precision, ultra-responsive micro-switches for fast clicks in any game, customizable weight system with five 3.6g weights and it has nine programmable buttons so you can get exactly what you want out of your gaming mice.

Corsair mouse designed for professional gamers consists of a very responsive laser sensor, 8 programmable buttons and a variety of different grips.

M65 RGB is a Corsair mouse

Corsair mouse M65 RGB is a gaming mouse that has up to 16,000 DPI precision. It also has the ability to customize its buttons and the color of its backlight.

Corsair mouse is a peripheral computer input device that allows you to move the cursor on a screen, for example, by pressing buttons or moving the ball. The first mouse was invented in 1964 by Douglas Engelbart at SRI International and was used to control the pointer on a computer display.

Corsair Gaming Mice are designed for pro gamers who want to win. The mouse comes with a high-precision 8200 DPI sensor that tracks flawlessly on just about any surface, advanced customization software for performance tuning, and more than 100 pre-set gaming profiles.

Modern and awesome gaming mouse

Corsair Gaming released their modern and awesome gaming mouse. It is really a great innovative product that every gamer must have.

Corsair mouse is a revolutionary new gaming product. The price is $54.99, it has two sensors, 16000 dpi and 1000 Hz with five macro buttons.

Corsair is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance PC gaming peripherals and accessories. Whether you’re into FPS, RPG, RTS or MMO gaming, Corsair has a product for you.

Corsair is one of the most popular gaming peripherals manufacturers. They have been around for over 17 years, and their gaming mice are really good.

Hz polling rate

Corsair mouse is a gaming mouse that is specifically designed for a better performance in competitive games. It features an 8200 dpi sensor, 12000 fps and 1000 Hz polling rate.

CORSAIR Gaming is a division of CORSAIR and the maker of some of the most award-winning PC gaming products in the world. Products include high-performance PC peripherals, extreme performance PCs, server building blocks, and futuristic headsets.

Corsair is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market. The company’s award-winning products include DDR4 and DDR3 memory, computer cases, PC cooling products, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, power supply units and solid-state drives.

Dark Core RGB SE Wireless gaming mouse

Gaming grade wireless tech. With features such as DPI shifting, a high-capacity Omron switches and advanced weight tuning, this mouse is the complete package for gamers who demand only the best.

The optical and laser sensors, durable materials and construction, advanced button timing software, and customizable profile settings are all designed to give you an edge in competitive play.

The Corsair Gaming RGB M65 is the second iteration of the M65 line and the successor to the M65 RGB. It’s a new-school gaming mouse that features a 12000 DPI sensor, Omron buttons rated for 20 million clicks, and Pixart PMW3310 optical sensor.

high-performance memory

Corsair got their start by designing high-performance memory modules for PC gamers. Their expertise in this area led to a number of industry firsts and awards. They’ve since expanded into other areas that are important to gamers, like gaming keyboards, headsets and mouse pads – all engineered with the same care and attention to detail as their memory modules.

MM200 provides

The Corsair Gaming MM200 is a high quality gaming surface that enables precise and smooth tracking for your favorite mouse. It features a low-friction micro-texture surface to ensure high control, even in the most heated matches. The ultra-smooth surface of the MM200 provides an optimized level of friction, great tracking, and just the right amount of speed for your mouse.

Corsair mouse is an all-purpose mouse with a comfortable, lightweight design that emphasizes durability. It features an 8200 DPI optical sensor for pixel-precise tracking and advanced surface calibration support so you needn’t worry about any uneven surfaces. The ergonomic shape with soft rubber side grips allow for extended play periods in comfort.

The Corsair mouse M65 Pro RGB is the high-performance gaming mouse that’s ready for battle. Built with an 8200 DPI sensor and six programmable buttons, it delivers outstanding precision, accuracy and responsiveness, so you can crush your opponents with ease.

Professional gamers

Corsair mouse is the ultimate gaming mouse. It combines a high-accuracy optical sensor, ergonomic design and intuitive RGB lighting for an incredible experience in every game.

Corsair Mouse is made for PC gamers. These are designed for accuracy and performance. It gives you an edge over your competition in the game .

Corsair is the world leader in high-performance PC hardware components. The company designs and manufactures computer peripherals, including cases, power supply units, cooling fans, memory modules and solid-state drives.

Package for gamers

It is a complete package for gamers who are looking for something that looks good, feels good and performs well.

It has comfortable contoured shape that fits snugly in your hand, and high-quality components that bring out the best in your gameplay.

Corsair mouse M65 Pro RGB mouse combines the comfort of a familiar design with cutting-edge technology, making it the go-to peripheral for FPS gamers. The advanced optical sensor delivers pinpoint accuracy and tracking that is essential to competitive play. Eight programmable buttons allow you to assign your most-used commands to any location. It also has an adjustable weight system for lighter or heavier feels and sensitivity adjustment for personalized control and precision.

Reliable companion

Corsair mouse mouse is your reliable companion for when you are in search of the perfect weapon. It offers high-resolution tracking and supports multiple DPI levels, so it will get you the results you need no matter what game you play.  Gamers can also customize their mouse through the intuitive Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software to suit any individual preference or style.

Corsair mouse is a high-end gaming mouse with 12,000 DPI sensor.

It has an 8,200 DPI optical sensor that delivers exceptional accuracy and precision so you can hit your targets with speed and confidence.

M65 Performance Mouse

This high-quality, feature-rich mouse delivers tournament grade accuracy and durability with advanced ergonomics and a rubberized coating that provides control and comfort.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB is a gaming-optimized mouse with eight programmable buttons, an eight-piece weight tuning set, and interchangeable thumb grips. It features a 12000 DPI laser sensor for precise tracking and advanced surface calibration support.

Corsair Gaming Mice are designed for competitive FPS and MOBA players. They offer high performance, professional mechanical gaming sensors and precise button placement that’s essential for executing lethal headshots and competitive assassinations.



A tailored sensor and innovative lens designs deliver excellent tracking accuracy.


Pro-grade gaming mouse engineered for comfort and speed.


Soft, removable surface with comfortable textured finish.

Dual-zone 16.8 million color backlighting, three programmable buttons, an 8200dpi 4G laser sensor and much more.

It has 12 customizable buttons with easy-to-reach placement so you can bind the keys to your favorite macros. Also, this gaming mouse is a plug and play device that works right away without any software installation required.


The Corsair mouse M65 RGB LIGHTSPEED is a high-performance gaming mouse, engineered for comfort and style. It features an ultra-precise 16000 DPI sensor for flawless tracking and advanced surface calibration support for consistent responsiveness, no matter the surface or environment

Re-engineered for performance and comfort, the Corsair Gaming M65 RGB is a pro-grade gaming mouse designed to give you the edge. Precise 9200 DPI tracking gives you pixel-precise control, so every move counts as you play.

kind of gamer

Corsair mouse ideal for any kind of gamer. It is a new and innovating gaming mouse coming with a high quality sensor, an ergonomic design and many more extra features. The corsair mouse comes in different models that are suitable for all your needs.

With a true 16,000 DPI optical sensor and seven programmable buttons backed by Corsair’s renowned construction, you’ll be able to compete at your highest level.

This gaming mouse has many features that make it a great choice for gamers, including 19 programmable buttons and a maximum DPI of 16,000.

The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse is a gaming mouse designed for maximum comfort with an advanced ergonomic design. The 2000 DPI optical sensor gives you precise tracking and the ability to customize your own DPI settings.

RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

Corsair Gaming SABRE RGB Optical MOBA Gaming Mouse provides the industry’s most advanced optical sensor for unrivaled accuracy and performance.

corsair mouse is a product for computer users. It contains a set of hardware, software and design to help you to use your computer without any problems. The main reason for choosing this product is that it’s the best on the market now because it has the best performance and the competitive price.

dominate the game

Corsair gaming mouse is a precision device that has an optical sensor and responsive buttons. This is a device for those who love games and want to enjoy playing without needing any additional accessories.

Corsair mouse is a mouse that has many features.

Corsair Gaming M65 RGB is the high-performance gaming mouse at a price that won’t break the bank. Durable and comfortable, it features an ultra-fast true 16,000 DPI optical sensor, eight easily accessible buttons and a lightweight but sturdy aluminium construction.

Gaming Mice

Engineered for the ultimate experience in every game, every day, everywhere.

The Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB is our new professional-grade gaming mouse.

Corsair mouse is a gaming mouse. It has 7 buttons and 1 scroll wheel. It comes in various colors, both wired and wireless Read More

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