Couch Cleaning: How to Deep Clean your Upholstery?

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Upholstered furniture is prone to taking some beatings, it may become stale, stained and worn utilised quickly. This blog will teach you how to get rid of small drips and spills as the best way to clean your furniture is through thorough cleaning and disinfection as well.

You could glance at your sofa and think that it’s not too bad. From the viewpoint of a potential buyer who will pay thousands of dollars on your house – their first impression may raise concerns regarding the rest of your home. Sofas are the main part of the living and the bedroom area.

Couches are the best place to rest and relax when you come back home after a long day. They will give you a cosy and comfortable level to relax and get energetic for your next work. They should be neat and clean to give you the perfect cosy environment.

There are many ways to keep cleaning your couches regularly. But deep cleaning is very important for the long term usage of the couches and the best health. There are many couch cleaning Sydney companies that have experts in cleaning according to the fabric and the material of the couch. Let’s discuss in detail the cleaning process of couches:

Start With Vacuuming

The first thing to accomplish is a vacuum. Cleaning your furniture with a high-quality vacuum will make a big change and you’ll be able to see the colour of your furniture instantly brighten even if it appears like a single step isn’t much more than removing surface dirt, dust and hair. Regularly vacuuming your furniture will also assist in keeping dirt and particles from getting deeper into the cushions. So make sure to do it every day! Be sure to clean the cushions’ surfaces and under the furniture’s parts that can be removed.

Get Rid of Dust and Crumbs

When you clean the fabric sofa or a table made of wood or any other piece made of furniture that is upholstery First, you must take the debris off the surface. Make use of the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove those annoying dust particles. If you can, remove the cushions and clean the entire surface, making sure to scrub the crevices that dirt can accumulate. Sometimes, a lint-roller is a better option to remove pet hair, so make certain to keep one on the ready.

Check the Labels

Before you begin the process of cleaning your upholstery thoroughly yourself, make sure to examine the labels. If the upholstery is accompanied by specific instructions, check the instructions first to make sure that the product you intend to use won’t harm the fabric. Additionally, upholstery is usually sold with labels that have the form of the letters W, W/S or X. The code W signifies the use of only water-based cleaners S is meant intended for solvent-based cleaners only. W/S applies to both solvent-based and water-based cleaners, while X stands for don’t use any cleaning products on this fabric. Once you have identified the kind of cleaner you’re applying to your upholstery, it reduces the chance of damaging the fabric.

Wet Cleaning Using Hand Shampoo

Another efficient method to clean upholstery without a machine is using hand shampoo. In order to ensure maximum hygiene when using hand soap to wash your upholstery, you should be equipped with the necessary ingredients like water buckets white terry cloth towels, sponges, and hand shampoos.

It is easy to find these cleaning supplies at the local home improvement retailer. Choose a shampoo that has been specifically designed to be used by hand without the need for any equipment.

Spot Cleaning of Upholstery

Dirt or stained areas require special care during the deep cleaning of the couch.  You can use white vinegar and lemon juice for removing stains and spots. After applying the mixture of detergents, wait for some time. Blot the area with a clean portion of cloth every time until you have removed the stain. Let the area dry, and then clean or brush the area to bring back the texture that the cloth has.


Regular cleaning is very important to keep the couches neat and clean. There are different types of couches materials and fabrics. You just have to treat the couch according to the fabric type and the cleaning instructions by the manufacturers. If you don’t know about the cleaning process of your fabric, it’s good to use professional help from Sofa Stain Removal Sydney services for deep cleaning.

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