How To Create A Game With Unreal Game Engine Platform?

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Game engines are the initial requirement to develop games. There are various game engines available to develop games. If you are planning to develop a game over these game engines you need to understand the features, how they work & why these game engines are used. 

Most popular AAA games app development like Fortnite, Rocket League,  Star War Jedi are developed over unreal engine game. Likewise, You can understand the importance of the Unreal Game Engine by reviewing these games.

So here we are going to share the process of Unreal Game Engine development. 

Before moving ahead you need to know about Unreal Game Engine 

Intro of Unreal Game Engine?

Epic Games developed the Unreal Game Engine in 1998 for developing first-person shooter games. Unreal Engine offers tools for game development, architectural & automotive visualization apart from that linear film and television content creation. 

Why Do We Develop Games With The Unreal Game Engine?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by game developers? Here we elaborate on the answer. The unreal game engine is used very widely in the entire game development world. Also, this is flexible to work with different platforms.  Also, it offers a blueprint visualization script that offers game development without coding. 

The most important part is you need to understand the process to create a game with Unreal  Engine, here we are going the steps involved in the game development before that you need to check requirements and recommended software 

Hardware Requirements  Create Game With Unreal Game Engine Platform

Operating System- Windows 10 (64 Bit)

Processor- Quad-core Intel/AMD, 2.5 HZ or you can go for a faster processor

Memory- 8 GB RAM 

Graphics- DirectX 11 or 12 

Software Requirements  Create Game With Unreal Game Engine Platform

  • Visual studio 2017 v 15.6 & above studio Visual Studio 2019 
  • For the iOS operating system, iTunes 12 or higher is enough to create a game with the unreal game engine

How To Install Unreal Game Engine Platform To Create  Games With Unreal Game Engine 

Without Unreal Game Engine installation you are not able to create games with Unreal Game Engine. Because not a single operating system provides an inbuilt Unreal Game Engine. You need to install the Unreal Game engine with the help of the Epic Games launcher. To install Unreal game engine platform you need to follow these steps 

Step- 1  Install Unreal with the epic game launcher

Step-2 Login & create an Epic game account over the tool 

Step-3 Install the Unreal Game Engine 

Step-4 Setup Unreal Game engine account

How To Create A Game With  Unreal Game Engine 

Now after installing & setting up an account over an unreal game engine, we are ready to create a game with the unreal game engine. 

As you know, game development is not an easy part for developers. To create a game with Unreal Game Engine you need to understand the whole process of game creation. 

Step-1 Launch Unreal Program 

Step-2 Here on the screen we chose option “Game” and click “Next”

Step-3 Now you will see the various options, it also includes ready-to-use templates and new project options. 

Step- 4 Choose one option if you want to choose the ready use option then use the template. If you want to create your own game scripts then choose a new project. 

Step- 5 Now this is the most important part of the game project. Here you need to chase C++ or Blueprint for game development. Also here you have to specify graphics requirements. 

Step- 6 Project is created and the game engine shows the default menu bar. 

Now your game is ready to rock in the market with the help of the Unreal Game engine, 

Top 5 Games Which Developed With Unreal Engine?

Last year Unreal engine is a most loved game engine for quality game development, we are sharing tp 5 games which developed with Unreal Engine. Created games with unreal game engines are interactive, attractive, and better than others.

  1. Dreamhouse: The game 
  2. Fortnite
  3. Star War Jedi Fallen Order
  4. Street Fighter 5
  5. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Unreal Engine Tools Info

Yes, the Game app development engine needs internal tools for various features and creating games. Developers or game designers need to know about these tools before creating games with an unreal engine

  1. Level Editor 
  2. Static Mesh Editor 
  3. Material Editor
  4. Blueprint editor
  5. Physics Asset Editor 
  6. Behavior tree editor 
  7. Niagara Editor 
  8.  UMG UI Editor 
  9. Front Editor 
  10. Sequencer Editor 
  11. Persona Editor 
  12. Sound cue editor 
  13. Paper2D Sprite Editor 
  14. Paper 2D Flip Editor 
  15. Media Editor 
  16. nDisplay 3D Config Editor 
  17. DMX Library Editor 


Let’s finalize this blog. As you know Games made with the Unreal engine are very powerful, the rendering, graphics, and quality of sound are really very good. With the Unreal Game Engine platform you can create various types of games and they are compatible with all types of operating systems. 

Improving yourself is human nature. To pursue this nature developers design various versions of Unreal. Currently, we are using Unreal 4 and planning to implement Unreal 5 to create games. 

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