Crucial Tips to Crack the AZ 500 Exam in 2022

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Information technology-related careers are currently booming at an unbelievable pace. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft is evolving with new learning programs to develop various software, security, and IT skills to keep up with technological advancements. The plethora of Microsoft courses ensure that the candidates can select as per their choice of study. 

The AZ 500 – Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam is one such course offered to keep us updated for a career in security and compliance. 

Candidates Appearing for the AZ 500 Exam: 

The AZ 500 exam has a very specific learner-base with interested candidates belonging mostly from the below-mentioned interests:

  1. Individuals interested in the security posture of organizations
  2. Want to understand Azure services and products and other such Microsoft technologies
  3. If you are familiar with automation, and scripting with an understanding of virtualization and networking, especially in cloud environments.
  4. Subject Matter Expert (SME) in implementing threat protection, security controls, managing access and identity, protecting data, applications, and networks in cloud and hybrid environments.

Let’s understand some of the skills and knowledge necessary for the AZ 500 exam, and the azure training will include:

Manage Identity and Access: 

  • Managing Azure directory identities 
  • Configuring secure access by using Azure AD
  • Managing application access
  • Managing access control

Implement Platform Protection: 

  • Implementing advanced network security for easy computation
  • Configuring advanced security 

Manage Security Operations:

  • Using the Monitor of Azure in supervising the security
  • Using Azure Security Center, implementing and observing security issues
  • The usage of Azure Sentinel as a way to monitor security
  • How to configure security policies

Secure Data and Applications:

  • Managing and configuring Key Vault
  • Configuring security for storage
  • Configuring security for databases

Things to Keep in Mind for the AZ 500 Exam: 

Many have experienced the AZ 500 exam previously but still, find it hard to get through. For people from a developer background, even with relatively strong knowledge of security topics in Azure, this Microsoft certification can seem vast. The AZ 500 exam covers many topics and sub-topics that can be brand new for many experienced candidates. 

According to a few examinees, some of the crucial topics in the azure course that cannot be ignored are:

  1. Emphasize on VNet connectivity and security, Site-to-Site VPN, and subnets. 
  2. Look deeper into networking and network security, especially in Azure with regards to Virtual Machines.
  3. Know about the Policies in Azure.
  4. Dig deep into general practices and capabilities of Firewalls in Azure.

Some of the Vital Tips to Understand before Your AZ 500 exam

Azure courses and training can be hectic and way too much to cover. Few things before you even consider taking the AZ 500 exam:

  1. Careful of numerous websites that might offer hacks and unnecessary guidelines that guarantee a pass in the exam.
  2. Prepared with the exam concept by researching the exam format and sample questions from the official practice test sites.
  3. You cannot go past practice and more practice. The details covered in the AZ 500 exam can be overwhelming and can only be overcome by rigorous practice.
  4.  There is an option for a free Azure account available online. This helps you to have hands-on learning and practicing experience.
  5. Microsoft offers one of the best online materials for preparation for free. Go through Microsoft Learn for some AZ training and course materials, available online and always at your fingertips.

Suppose you are fairly new to the concept of Azure Security Engine. In that case, you might want to check the fundamentals of security – introduction to security, Azure security technical capabilities, Azure identity management security overview, Azure network security overview, fundamentals of Network Security, Microsoft Azure well-architected framework security. 

What are the Roles Candidates can Target from Taking the AZ 500 Exam?

AZ 500 exam has a concrete examinee base. Therefore, only people from the given backgrounds will find it relevant in their careers with the Microsoft Azure certification.  

1. Data Engineer

2. Cloud Engineer

3. Software Engineer

4. DevOps Engineer

5. Cloud Security Engineer

6. Manager in Information Security

Post-pandemic Online AZ 500 Exam

With the onset of the Covid-19, the new norm is to take the AZ 500 exam online from your home or office. Many prefer to take the exam from the comfort of their home, under constant online monitoring by a remote proctor. This is the easiest way to sit for the AZ 500 exam, but it also requires preparation from your home or office, meeting some crucial guidelines from Microsoft. 

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