Curtains Cleaning Methods at Home VS Professionally

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Curtains and drapes are the beauty of windows and doors. They add a classy look to the area and keep the area neat and clean. But as they keep our area classy, we have to keep them neat and clean.  Curtains and drapes collect dust, fur, and dander, as well as mould-related spores.

As time passes, these items get accumulated and make your window coverings look dull. Each time you close or open your dirty curtains, dust, and other particles whirl through the air in your home.

We pay no focus on our curtains since we do not use them often. We can open them early in the day and close them later in the evening. Their dirt and germs can cause problems for us for health and looks. When drapes are dirty our home air will be dirty due to their dirt and germs particles. That is not good for asthma patients and children.

To keep the environment neat and clean we should care for our curtains regularly and keep them neat. You can keep your curtains neat at home by regular cleaning and can professionally clean them by curtain cleaning Sydney companies professionals. Here we are going to discuss these two processes:

Curtains Cleaning at Home

As opposed to machine washing, washing curtains that are hanging is going to require some more frequent cleaning. For instance, instead of cleaning your curtains once every two months using detergent and water and vacuuming the curtains on a biweekly basis and then alternatingly wiping dust, dander, and dust with a soft-bristled broom can have the same effect as a thorough clean.

Curtain Cleaning through Washing Machine

Some drapes can be machine washed. Keep this in mind and make sure to use a gentle cycle in your washer and the right detergent. Many fabrics can be handled easily. Washing them in the machine is a good idea. It saves time, saves and cleans the curtains easily.

Curtains Cleaning by Hand Washing

If you are unable to locate the label for care or do not want to wash your curtains into the washer since delicate hand washing is the safer alternative. Because you are in control you can reduce the possibility of damage to the fabric. If you’re not sure of what to do to wash it yourself then check out this guide on hand washing. Because curtains are big and heavy, it’s recommended to wash them in the bathtub if you don’t have a sink big enough.

Professional Cleaning Method

Cleaning curtains and drapes at home can be a challenge and a major reason that so many struggles are the inconsistency of information about the best way to do it. Professional curtain cleaners are skilled in cleaning delicate pieces as well as delicate fabrics. After careful examination, fabrics are examined to determine the best cleaning technique.

To ensure that custom-made window treatments are maintained without damage, bring the window treatments to your local dry cleaner who can remove them without perc. The dry cleaner can clean them using CO2 instead. It’s just as effective and is safe for everyone.


When professionals come to the place for cleaning the curtains. The first thing they do is to view the fabric type and the manufacturer’s instructions. Because these instructions tell about the best possible way of cleaning the fabric. Professionals know all about the fabrics and their process of cleaning.


Usually, start with vacuuming to remove the dust and dirt particles. Professionals have vacuuming machinery that can remove the dust particles completely and make the curtains and drapes neat & fresh.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning allows you to leave the curtains on the rod. If you are using a steam cleaner, begin at the top, and begin to work your way downwards. Professionals use steam cleaning after removing the stains from the curtains. Steam gives a new life to the fabric and keeps it in a fresh and new look.


There are different types of curtains and their cleaning processes are different according to the fabric. You just have to select the best possible treatment for your fabric. If you are not sure about the curtains’ fabric and their cleaning process, it’s good to get the help of a professional from Curtain Dry Cleaning Sydney. These professionals clean the curtains without any fabric damage.

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