Customer Relationship Management and HR

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What is CRM?

Every business unit emphasises spurting a long-term relationship with customers to nurture its stability in today’s booming market. CRM Consulting is a modern trend.

So, Customer Relationship Management is an upright concept or strategy to solidify relations with customers and at the same time reduce cost and enhance productivity and profitability in business.

Therefore, an ideal CRM system is a centralised collection of all data sources under an organisation and provides an atomistic real-time vision of customer information. Hence, a CRM system is vast and significant, but it can be implemented for small businesses and large enterprises as the main goal is to assist customers efficiently.

Human Resources and CRM

Human Resources are those constituents of an organisation that takes care of all employees’ human facets and needs within that organisation. So, critical functions of HR in an organisation are as follows:

  • Employee selection and recruitment.
  • Reward program management and Compensation calculation
  • In-house training according to skill sets for all employees
  • Managing employee behaviour and performance calculation
  • Portfolio management and area location management.
  • Transformation and change management.
  • Structuring hierarchy of employees.
  • Employee relationship management.
  • Hiring Campaign management.

So, employees are the significant assets and the primary promoters of profitable business for an organisation. Hence, it’s a decisive responsibility of an organisation to manage and fulfil all needs of its employees apart from working clients and customers for business purposes.

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So, it would be improper to say that a CRM system is only used to manage clients and customers; most HR heads or managers use CRM technologies to manage a company’s human capital. Hence, this approach is called Employee Resource Management (ERM). Therefore, an ERM is a business process that fills gaps between organisations and employees to create a solid emotional and professional bonding.

Existence of ERM

A well-integrated ERM has a committed information base system for all Human resources. So, this is termed as Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in most renowned organisations. It has a better interface for HRs to deal with internal employees and screens all problems associated with the relationship between organisation and employee. Hence, we have shared key features below:

Profile Management

A profile management technique is utilised to manage profiles of all the employees, which contain the entire employee-related information which is also exposed to the employees in the HRIS tool. So, employees can change or edit some of this general information whenever needed.


You can easily manage details regarding employee payroll and employee branding. So, an employee can see all the payroll-related features, and the ERM can automatically mail salary statements to every employee.


ERM can efficiently distribute notifications to attend online and manual training within the organisation. So, you can then track them online for the internship, optional or mandatory.

Leave Management

Employees have a dedicated portal for applying or notifying for leaves. So, they have to apply for leave through this portal, and ERM escalates the information to their manager. The manager has the option of rejecting or approving this application online. The ERM automatically deducts the applied leaves from the bundle of employees’ annual leaves, for which they get email notifications regularly.

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Meetings and Certifications

Employees and managers can online schedule meetings or book available meeting rooms. The ERM sends a notification automatically to all the attendees, informing them to be present in the meeting at the specified timings and venue. All the employees also can complete or attain online certifications as and when needed.

Generate online Letters and data

Human resource executives or managers have the zeal to provide offer letters or response letters to new employees.

Online Alerts

ERM generates online alerts whenever an employee has something due. For example, employees get these alerts automatically when needed to complete any survey or review.

Export/Import facility

All employees have the deftness to export or import any data available on the portal to and from excel sheets or comma-separated files (CSV files).


An organisation always benefits from Employee Relationship Management if it implements CRM strategies with clear rules and guidelines. A good and healthy relationship with employees always acts as a reciprocal commutation for an organisation. It leads to the betterment of both. With a CRM system, cloud devops consulting is a need for companies today.

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