Delicious Restaurants of Pakistan

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If you’re visiting any city in Pakistan or are a permanent resident, then you’ll be interested in knowing the top dining establishments and eateries in Restaurants in Pakistan. This list of dining establishments Restaurants in Pakistan features the top eateries from all over Pakistan offering a wide range of cuisines, from continental, desi, oriental, coffee shops and cafes.

Best Tikka Restaurants in Pakistan Zakir Tikka

The last but not least Zakir Tikka in Faisal Town takes a spot in our most popular desi food places located in Lahore. This restaurant is a casual eatery and features a live grill. The restaurant also serves buffet meals. The restaurant offers a broad variety of handis, karahis and Kormas. The specialties they offer include specific fish dishes. The restaurant also serves sandwiches, burgers and a variety of affordable deals. Bring your family to an exciting day out, or gather with your colleagues. Explore the cuisine of Pakistan’s distinctive and delicious food. The restaurant is also a great place to entertain guests. offers live entertainment at night.

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Koftas are meatballs that are consumed throughout the world. In Pakistan it is usually served in a hot gravy sauce. They are consumed with rice or bread. There are a variety of meats that can be used to make the dish. Most often, ground beef is combined together with onions, spices and salt to create this delicious delicacy. Cream, yogurt and cottage cheese are also possible additions.


Qishmisch located at Bhittai Rd, Jinnah Market on the third floor , giving its structure Meraki as well as Tira Misu. Its Qishmisch Restaurant served tasty nourishment with an extraordinary ambiance. But the most important most renowned aspect of the Best Pakistani restaurant is the desi food. The atmosphere and interiors are amazing. The swaggering staff is able to welcome all guests. They warmly welcome you and direct you in a safe manner through the main entrance. It is a fantastic spot to dish delicious flavours in Islamabad.

Petit Brugge

Petit Brugge Petit Brugge is situated on the F-7 Bhittai Road, Islamabad and was once Belgian. This is among the most prestigious Islamabad’s exquisite dining establishments. The restaurant is lavishly decorated to allow you to keep your mood in check during special occasions. It is home to stunning indoor and stylish outdoor seating space. Its Top 10 Islamabad Best Restaurant in Pakistan list would not be complete without Petit Brugge. Excellent food and excellent service are worth every cent. Costs are higher than other establishments however this won’t affect the overall experience for the patrons.

La Terrazza

The last item on the list of the Top 10 Islamabad places to eat are La Terrazza eatery, which is famous for its unique setting and is a well-loved restaurant located on the 3rd floor, Centaurus shopping mall the F-8/4 in Islamabad. It is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing time with your family and friends. Like the name implies it’s a restaurant that is focused on Italian food. It is recommended to serve authentic Italian soups and steaks in this restaurant that will surely make your visit enjoyable.

La Terraza worth a visit and that’s the reason it’s listed among Top 10 Islamabad restaurants. The interior, however, is stylishly decorated with bright lights, lively music , and great customer service. You’ll surely have with a memorable experience. The restaurant is a dazzling living area with panoramic views across Margalla Hills, Faisal Mosque and the entire city of Islamabad.


It is a must to try the delectable National Dish of Pakistan in Karachi. One of the biggest influences on food here originates from the Urdu native Karachiites who came to the time of separation from India into the Indian Subcontinent. Nihari is among the main dishes brought with them, and since the majority of Urdu people are settled in Karachi their food in its original version is also available in this. It is essentially the stew of meats such as lamb, beef, or chicken that is slow cooked with shank and bone marrow. It is served along with a Naan or oven baked bread. There are some sources that link the origins of this dish back to the 18th century Delhi in the final monarchs of the Mughal time period.

Chicken Karahi Restaurants

Another food item you should try you are in Karachi can be Karachi’s Chicken Karahi. The spicy dish is named after the wok in which it is cooked and is referred to as Karahi by Urdu. Every Pakistani eateries that serve local cuisines can serve this dish. The ingredients like tomatoes and ginger are the primary ingredients of this delicious dish, along with other meats and chicken.

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