DIY Methods vs. Professional Exterminators to Deal with Toronto Cockroaches

Seeing a roach in a kitchen or a business place can terrify you. Cockroaches aren’t easy to kill and can also survive for a long period if you don’t take the right action against them. A cockroach infestation can create problems for guests, too, and make them feel uncomfortable. Besides, roaches can spread disease, bacteria, allergy, and asthma symptoms. Getting rid of roaches for good should matter to homeowners and business owners if roaches infest their place. You can choose DIY methods or contact professional exterminators to deal with Toronto cockroaches. Nevertheless, DIY methods won’t work as effectively as professional extermination. You may turn the problem even worse if you don’t deploy DIY methods for cockroach extermination properly.

DIY Methods to Deal with Cockroaches

You can try different methods to get rid of a cockroach infestation yourself. One of the things you can do to exterminate cockroaches is to utilize boric acid. You can place boric acid in damp and dark areas on your property to exterminate cockroaches. Roaches love the damp and dark areas in spaces they infest. Thus, boric acid will kill roaches once they ingest this poison. Boric acid is toxic to humans and pets, so you must deploy this poison cautiously. Hence, it’s better not to opt for this method to eradicate cockroaches for your children’s and pets’ safety.

A safe option to deal with a roach infestation yourself is to deploy bay leaves. Put leaves where you have seen cockroaches in your home and suspected areas on your property. Roaches can’t withstand the taste of bay leaves and leave to other places. It’s also important to coat leave surfaces to deploy bay leaves and deal with cockroaches. The least and the most effective thing you can do to deal with roaches is to keep your residence clean and dry. Hence, DIY cockroach extermination methods won’t eliminate roaches permanently and effectively.

Calling Professionals for Roach Extermination

Calling professional exterminators for cockroach eradication will always work. However, you must hire the most reliable pest control service, like Pesticon, for permanent cockroach extermination. Professionals can get rid of a roach infestation permanently and safely. They have access to the best chemicals and pesticides for pest eradication, including a cockroach infestation. Besides, professional exterminators deploy the safest and the most effective methods for roach extermination. They won’t use toxic chemicals to eradicate pests, such as roaches. When they have to use toxic pesticides, they will take every precaution to ensure everyone is safe except roaches. Thus, professional cockroach extermination is safe and effective, unlike DIY methods for cockroach removal.

However, DIY cockroach removal won’t cost you more and may not work effectively against cockroaches. Conversely, professional roach extermination will work effectively and get rid of filthy pests permanently & safely. 


You can opt for DIY methods or contact professional exterminators to deal with Toronto cockroaches. Some of the DIY methods you can opt for to deal with a cockroach infestation are as follows:

  1. Deploying boric acid on damp and dark areas in your home.
  2. Utilizing bay leaves

DIY roach removal methods aren’t safe and effective against roaches. Contrarily, professional exterminators will eradicate roaches permanently from your property without a compromise on your safety.

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