Do You Know The Typical Fireplace Measurements?

Building a residence or remodeling the present house can be the perfect moment to consider building an important addition. Some sort of fire warms the space and quickly constitutes a room truly feeling cozy and risk-free. But the amount of places does an open fireplace use? What happen to be the typical open Fireplace Measurements? We’ve accomplished some research together and have some great information for an individual!

The conventional fireplace measurements vary according to the significant space you will like to assign directly to them. Of training, you want typically the fireside to possibly be large enough to be able to fuel without matter. The standard open fireplace opening averages involving 24 – thirty five in ., 24 rapid 29 inches excessive, approximately 16 inches wide deep. 

The length from the fireside to the open fireplace damper should possibly be about 37 inches wide. The rear on the firebox should possibly be 11 – nineteen in . and appropriate at 14 inches wide high.

Right these days that you find out the typical open fireplace dimensions, let’s go over them in even more detail. We’ll look at the anatomy regarding a fireplace, just what could cause your current fireplace size in order to alter, as properly as answer a few other questions you may possibly have. How Artificial Fireplace Flames Work?


Just What Are The Considerable Regions of A Fireplace?

To understand just what we’re talking about when referring to being able to measure, let’s head out over the portions of a fireplace most of us mentioned in gauging and why quite a few measurements are important for the safe practices and health involving your family.


Open fireplace Opening

The beginning of your open fireplace is accurately like it sounds. This kind of is the cutting edge of your respective fireplace together with sometimes provides a open fireplace mantel or mantelpiece formerly built like a hood surrounding the fireplace to get and/or direct typically the smoke away via the room. Presently, the term comes with the decorative system around the open fireplace. Though this can be part of typically the over and above your fireplace, the measurement regarding the fireplace starting should not range from the span of the particular mantel.


The particular firebox is the particular internal portion of your current fireplace that maintains the fireplace itself. You’ll observe that the proportions we mentioned over the fireplace’s backside are not really as large or high since the fireplace started. This is crucial as the design regarding the fireplace needs to have the walls pinching in towards the particular back. This surrounding is critical inside ensuring the fumes are properly aimed out of your current home.



The particular damper is the particular moveable piece over your fire that will control airflow. Since mentioned above, the particular damper needs to be able to be 37 in . above the fireside. Additionally, it has to be minimal 6 inches over a new top of typically the fireplace opening. In the event that the damper is definitely not a suitable distance over a new opening, you would likely incorporate some problems using some entering your current room.



Typically the hearth is typically the floor of your current fireplace. It may prolong at least sixteen inches in front of your fireplace opening with minimum 8 inches past the fireplace starting on either part. The hearth expansion is important, as this gives ample area to catch any kind of escaped embers plus prevents heat harm to your floors.


Exactly What Affects The Dimension Of An Open fire?

There are a handful of things to consider when building the fireplace that will certainly affect the dimension.


Size Of The particular Room

The very first thing in order to consider is the particular room’s size within which you desire to put the fireplace. The dimensions of the open fireplace should be directly associated with the range of the room. In the event that an overly huge fireplace is set in a tiny place, you run the risk of frustrating the tiny room with heat. Typically the opposite is in addition true; if an individual has a sizable bedroom and tiny open fireplace, it isn’t possible to complete it with the intended aim of warming up the space throughout the cozy light.



Your unique personal style will play an issue inside the size involving your fireplace. Carry out you want an intricate mantle of which reaches up to the limit? Are you interested in something small and barely recognizable apart from the crackling fire? These usually are all things in order to consider when dimensioning your fireplace

As you can notice in the image below, this fireplace is a plain and simple modern affair, large and short, enabling the fireplace in order to be the primary prominent part of this specific fireplace.


How Large Will the Mantel Need To End up being Over a Fireplace?

Traditionally, the mantelpiece above a fireplace extends about 13 inches upward. Inside, the mantelpiece is around 6 in . deep, allowing regarding decorations. Many opt to display family images or seasonal accessories on their mantelpiece, and the mantelpiece itself is a new great way in order to have a dialogue.


In Closing

Standard fireplace dimensions usually are only a tiny aspect of ensuring open fireplace safety. The measurement can vary nonetheless should correlate to be able to ensure the risk-free functioning of the fireplace. Use the fireplace so that you can present your style and produce a cozy, enticing space.

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