Does Salesforce drug test new hires?

Maybe. If you are a candidate aspiring to join the Salesforce drug tests, it is more common that you may come up with this question – “Does Salesforce drug tests new hires?” Some Salesforce locations may drug tests you, while others may not. Most corporate IT companies do not drug test their employees, but it may depend on their drug testing policies. It depends entirely on the office location and the prevailing state law concerning the drug testing guidelines. This blog is all about the Salesforce drug tests for new hires.

Salesforce – An overview

Salesforce is a renowned global leader in CRM that strives to connect companies and customers digitally. It enables all kinds of companies and industries and work on all-powerful technologies to improve their CRM performance—cloud, mobile, voice, social, and artificial intelligence to connect to their customers in a whole new way. Salesforce helps companies and institutions transform their businesses around the customer in this digital-first world.

Does Salesforce conduct a pre-employment drug test?

Salesforce may not drug test employees or new hires, but if you are working on projects for the DoD or any other government organization that involves any kind of security clearance principles, you may get drug tested. Salesforce, in that instance, might conduct a 5-panel drug test as per the federal guidelines.


You may also get drug tested if your Salesforce location is in a U.S state, which requires the employer to conduct a workplace drug testing. But one thing is for sure. They will conduct a background check for criminal records apart from the drug testing guidelines.

How to pass the Salesforce drug test?

Passing the Salesforce drug test is very easy if you refrain from drugs for two weeks before your drug testing date. Please avoid following any drug test tampering methods as it would cost your career and cause threatening consequences Read More

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