Drawing Bases

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Drawing Bases is an online community of artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. With Drawing Bases you can learn how to draw, improve your drawing skills or just show off some of your work.

Drawing is a critical skill to design and communicate ideas. Even the best designers can’t draw, but with our platform everyone can learn how to draw by following a simple process outlined in 4 steps. The app makes it easy for users to record, replay and share their creative process.

Drawing Bases

Drawing Bases is a collection of various template drawings which you can use in your own drawings. You can copy these png templates and use them for your own projects. This will help you to create realistic drawing with ease.

Drawing Bases helps you learn and improve your drawing skills. You can draw a wide range of objects, edit them, improve and share with others. The platform includes tons of educational material, which will help you master the basics and become a better drawer.

Drawing Bases is a game where you make the bases for drawings. Create your own art gallery by making new drawings and displaying them in your room.

The app will have various bases designed by various artists. People can then convert the drawing bases into digital drawings using our app, and then share it with other users of the app.

Drawing Templates

Drawing bases is a collection of drawing templates that can be used as reference to draw any object. It contains more than 25000 different drawing bases.

Drawing Bases is a platform that connects you to content creators who create engaging and high-quality content while paying less, saving time, and collaborating in real-time.

Drawing Bases is a custom print shop that provides high quality custom designed bases for you Pokemon collection. Our bases are printed on durable material and double-sided for maximum protection of your cards. Each base is meticulously hand crafted to make sure it fits perfectly with the rest of your deck. We offer a wide range of designs for all Pokemon sets released.

Drawing Bases is an online platform that helps artists learn from the best. Artists can follow their favorite artists, submit their works for review, and get feedback on how to improve.


The app is a fix for all the people who love to draw but don’t have the skills to create something that looks realistic. It gives you hundreds of ready-to-use templates so you can show everyone how talented you are and make your own art look like it was done by a pro artist.

Drawing Bases is an online community of artists who have come together to share their knowledge and ideas. We are the place where you can not just learn about art, but also unlearn what you know to start learning again with a fresh perspective.

It is an open database platform for baseball statistics. Data is freely available from many sources on the internet, but I think that it’s not easy to find a coherent database of them. Drawing Bases aims to be that database.

Digital Drawing

Drawing Bases is the world’s first digital drawing tool that transforms your smartphone into an art studio. With Drawing Bases, you can create beautiful artistic masterpieces with just a few strokes.

Drawing Bases is an online platform where you can get detailed tutorials to help you draw your favourite cartoon characters.

Drawing bases is a platform that helps you to create awesome drawings in minutes. It’s an AI-enabled drawing app that enables people to create stunning drawings without having any prior experience in drawing. Drawing bases has a library of over 1000+ unique base designs which can be customized as per your preferences.

Drawing Bases is a platform for drawing bases for animations. It features different styles of bases and allows you to pick one that suits your own style of drawing.

enables artists

Drawing Bases is an online platform that enables artists and illustrators to generate an income from their work. Drawing Bases connects buyers with designers and illustrators for their creative needs at a fraction of the cost. It is a one-stop shop where you can access premium quality art & illustration at incredible prices.

Drawing Bases is the ultimate tool for artists to learn how to draw. We’ve created a guide of over 200+ lessons that will help you learn how to draw everything from plants, animals, objects and people. Our courses are all delivered in bite-sized videos and exercises that focus on one specific concept at a time. Start your drawing journey today!

Drawing Base is a platform that acts as an intermediary between the artist and the collector. We target artists who are interested in creating artworks of high quality but cannot afford expensive equipment to do so. We provide them with our drawing base, subsidised by the collectors who use these works for their own purposes.

Learn to Draw

Drawing Base is a platform where you can learn to draw. It provides everything that you need in order to become better at drawing, including videos, tips and tricks and live lessons with professional artists.

A game, simple and fun that makes you draw all kinds of things with your eyes closed. This is a great way to spend time with your friends together, have fun and be creative.

Drawing Base is a powerful platform for you to create and share visual content in seconds. You can create your own, or use any of the thousands available on our database. Use it at work, home or school to make everything more fun!

Drawing Base is a web app that lets you create and share sports-themed drawings. It generates freehand sketches of your favourite team logos, illustrations or mascots.

About Drawing

Drawing Bases is all about drawing. Whether you are a professional, an amateur, or just starting out – Drawing Bases has everything you need to become a better drawer.

Drawing Bases is a free and easy to use website that provides a database of baseball bases, free for any baseball player to use when drawing their bases.

We are building a content creation platform for the next generation of illustrators. Our goal is to teach artists how to create high quality work, and connect them with their audience.

Drawing Bases is a new way to learn to draw. We teach users how to draw by guiding them through the process of drawing some of the most popular things people like to draw.

Drawing Bases

Drawing Bases is an AI-enabled app that makes it easier for people to create and share their drawings. Our AI learns from users’ behaviour to improve the quality of the product over time while keeping it simple.

Drawing Bases is a platform that allows users to play games and draw at the same time. Users can play by drawing shapes, and then get the scores depending on how accurate they were in matching the given shape.

Drawing bases is your platform to learn the base drawing. We are a team of professional artists who have been teaching art for years and now we want to share our knowledge with you.

Drawing bases supports both 2D and 3D drawings. It is a great tool for everyone to express their creativity by drawing or painting on the base surface.

 2D and 3D Drawings

Drawing Bases is the ultimate drawing tool anyone can use for free. Start with a base and add layers to create your own unique drawing.

Drawing Bases is a fun drawing app that lets you create, learn and play with others. We provide clear tutorials so you can draw better and boost your creativity as well. Our unique feature of letting users play games like Pictionary with other people around the world will assist in learning how to draw for everyone!

Drawing Bases is a ground breaking software product that allows anyone to create beautiful digital vector images without having any prior knowledge of drawing or design.

Play a game of baseball, but with a twist. It is a simple yet fun card game that tests your concentration and memory as you try to get through the deck.

Drawing Bases is a platform that allows you to create an infinite number of drawings based on the principles of logic and math

Drawing Base is the most advanced drawing tool to create simple, but effective presentations. It is perfect for a beginner in creating professional drawings and it works great with the freehand drawing.

Drawing Base is a web-based application that helps you learn to draw manga figures. The platform provides you with an interface where you can upload your own images or choose from the library of existing images. You can then select different body parts and create a variety of drawings using various tools available in the platform.

Drawing Base is a platform that connects you to base artists who create engaging and high-quality bases while paying less, saving time, and collaborating in real-time.
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Where can you buy it

are a set of 6 bases that can be used in conjunction with the full range of miniatures currently available on Fantasy Grounds.

is your one-stop-shop for all your drawing needs. From idea to execution, we develop and provide publishable drawings that get results. Our proprietary AI-enabled platform provides complete control over every stage of the drawing lifecycle – from your creative idea to wide distribution.

is a platform that brings together artists from all over the world to share their talent and derive inspiration from one another. It offers users an intuitive interface where they can get creative, collaborate with other artists, or buy unique pieces of art.

Get Inspiration

is a platform for artists to get inspiration, learn about art tools/mediums and even interact with other artists. It contains a library of drawing bases that are frequently updated.

is a platform for artists to receive feedback and advice on their work. It’s designed for art students, aspiring illustrators, comic artists, and everyone in between!

is an interactive platform for people who want to learn, share and discover different drawing techniques. Users can learn from drawing tutorials, watch other artists upload their own artwork, and even get feedback on their own content.

Tabletop Games

are a new way to play your favorite tabletop games. Fully customizable, and endlessly expandable,  give you the freedom to take your game night with you wherever you go!

Drawing Base is a platform for sports enthusiasts that offers information about their favorite teams, tournaments and players. It provides the latest news, stats and rosters from all major sports leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, AFL etc.

Drawing Base is a drawing game that lets you play with friends, family and opponents. The objective is to make it to the bases before the other players do, but watch out as there are obstacles everywhere!

is a platform for anyone who wants to learn how to draw.

is a platform that helps aspiring artists connect with some of the world’s best artists, coaches and mentors.

easy task

Creating a  is never an easy task. It’s the world’s first app that lets you create your own in minutes with just one click!

provides quick and easy-to-understand lessons for drawing animals, people, nature, and more

is a collaborative drawing tool for creative minds. It has been created to help people share their ideas and create awesome drawings in real time without any technical knowledge. It’s easy to use, simple and focused on collaboration.

is a platform that enables you to learn and practice the art of drawing. It provides with exercises, tutorials and feedback on your drawings. This helps you to improve as an artist.

Drawing bases is a website which gives you ideas to draw certain characters

Drawing Bases is a web application that allows users to create and share digital sketching base. Users can upload their own sketches, or contribute to existing bases by uploading new images. The bases are designed with the purpose of improving drawing skills and understanding of form, composition and balance in art.

What I did: * I was the main designer of the project from the beginning up until January 2018 (the 3rd release) – design & UX, branding, visual identity, website design & development etc.

Drawing Base is an app that provides a fun experience for art lovers and artists alike. This innovative platform allows users to create their own artwork using various shapes, colors and textures available on the app.

Drawing bases is an application that will help you to create and share your own unique base for drawing

Drawing Bases is a platform where artists can practice their skills and become great at drawing different objects. It has detailed tutorials that show every step of the way how to draw various things.

Drawing Bases are a set of drawing bases designed to help you quickly and easily draw quality cartoon characters. For example, if you want to customize an avatar for Facebook or Twitter we suggest using the Medium Base. If you need more detailed instructions on how to use this app please

Drawing Bases is a platform that allows people to create and share content, helping artists improve their drawing skills.

Drawing Bases is a platform that connects you to content creators who create engaging and high-quality content while paying less, saving time, and collaborating in real-time Read More

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