Plots Selling and Buying info in Dream Garden Housing Society

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For sure, everyone likes a living lifestyle that is luxurious, elegant, and, comfortable to live in. from where you can access all of your main destinations easily. A place that not only gives you a modern lifestyle but also makes your life easy.

Men work throughout their life just to provide their loved ones and themselves with a good living place. So, when it comes to investing their hard-earned money they would like to be sure about the place and the fact that it is worth their money.

Dream garden housing society is LDA-approved, so it is safe to say that you can invest your money in it. Sui gas and water facility is also available there. It is the project of a renowned real estate agency of Pakistan that is committed to fulfilling the versatile need of the people of Pakistan Izhar Monnoo Developers’

Location: Address: Defense Road, dream garden housing society, Lahore.

The society at Ali Akbar road, which is closed to Raiwind road Bhoptian Chowk and Defence Road. 

Many famous universities like Comsats, BNU, UOL, LUMS, UMT, UCP are also nearby this society.

Some Neighboring societies include: Bahria Orchard AWT Housing, LDA Avenue  Dream Avenue  Lake city and, DHA

Amenities offered:

To make your living style upgraded, modern and comfortable this housing society offers several amenities like;

  •   Gated community
  •   Electricity availability 24/7.
  •   Society’s community center
  •   Sports complex
  •   School ‘ Pak Turk school dream garden’
  •   Pakistan Navy Bahria University Campus
  •   Mosque
  •   Commercial Market
  •   Medical facilities
  •   Marts and banks like MCB
  •   Colleges nearby
  •   Mosque


Phases of dream garden housing society:

The dream garden housing society is divided into 2 phases.

v Phase 1 is for residential plots.

v Phase 2 is for commercial plots.

Phase 1: residential plots

dream garden

   Residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 20 Marla, and 30 Marla plots are available. All the plots have a payment plan of 3 years.

5 Marla plots:

The total price for 5 Marla plots is Rs 5,250,000.  For booking downpayment is Rs 9,750,000

1-11monthly installment Rs 76,125


On 12th installment Rs 787,500
13-23 month installment Rs 76,125


24th-month installment Rs 787500
25- 34 month installment Rs 76,125
35th-month installment Rs 84,000
36th-month installment Rs 262,500


7 Marla plots:

The total price for 7 Marla plots is Rs 7,350,000. Booking starts from a downpayment of Rs 1,249,500

1-11monthly installment Rs 106,575
On 12th installment Rs 1,102,500
13-23 month installment Rs 106,575
24th-month installment Rs 1,102,500
25- 34 month installment Rs 106,575
35th-month installment Rs 117,600
36th-month installment Rs 367,500



10 Marla plots:

The total price for 10 Marla plots is Rs 9,750,000. The booking starts from a downpayment of Rs 1,657,500.

1-11monthly installment Rs 141,375
On 12th installment Rs 1,462,500
13-23 month installment Rs 141,375
24th-month installment Rs 1,462,500
25- 34 month installment Rs 141,375
35th-month installment Rs 156,000
36th-month installment Rs 487,500


20 Marla:

The total price for 20 Marla plots is Rs 17,000,000. The booking starts from a downpayment of Rs 2,890,000

1-11monthly installment Rs 246,500
On 12th installment Rs 2,550,000
13-23 month installment Rs 246,500
24th-month installment Rs 2,550,000
25- 34 month installment Rs 246,500
35th-month installment Rs 272,000
36th-month installment Rs 850,000


30 Marla:

The total price for 30 Marla plots is Rs 25,500,000. The booking starts from a downpayment of Rs 4,335,000

1-11monthly installment Rs 369,750
On 12th installment Rs 3,825,000
13-23 month installment Rs 369,750
24th-month installment Rs 3,825,000
25- 34 month installment Rs 369,750
35th-month installment Rs 408,000
36th-month installment Rs 1,275,000



If you want to pay the full price at once you will get a 15% rebate.



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