Dubai Desert Safari Famous Excursions

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Dubai is a city that never sleeps, and people who reside here always prefer to explore the unexplored. There are several famous places in Dubai, From Dubai desert Safari to various parks, and the majority of famous places are located on Jumeirah Road. So, We will be discussing the same today. So,Read the following article to find out more about some of Dubai’s popular tourist attractions.

The Beautiful Dubai Museum

This museum is the central hub for learning about the history of this city. You can visit there any time as it’s open 24 hours a day. So, They have different kinds of historical artifacts that give an insight into their culture and lifestyle. It has seven galleries, and each gallery showcases a separate part of its culture.

Al Fahidi Fort

This fort is located on the Jumeirah road and close to Burj Khalifa. This fort also ranks in the top attractions in Dubai. It was built around 1787 and has been restored to its original form by the government of Dubai. This fort is famous for its unique wind tower design, which provides ventilation through natural means, unlike other forts that are air-conditioned by artificial means. So, There are several places inside this fort that give an insight into the past of this city.

Jumeirah Mosque

It’s a famous mosque open for tourists from 9 am until 3 pm. It’s a three-floor building and has stunning architecture. They have colorful window arches, which add to the beauty of this place. So,People who visit here always fall in love with its simple yet elegant design.

A beautiful garden surrounds the mosque, adding to its serenity. So, People can visit here to pray as well as for meditation. It’s a very nice experience to sit near this beautiful mosque and contemplate life.

Site note

Jumeirah Beach

It’s the most beautiful beach in Dubai. The sand on this beach is golden yellow and fine in texture. It’s surrounded by a small mountain which adds to its beauty. This beach has a lot of activities for people who visit here, and you can go swimming, surfing, sunbathing, etc. People from various parts of the world visit here daily to have some fun in the sun.

Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s the largest flower garden in this city. It has more than 45 million flowers which are planted intricately on several kilometers of the walkway. You can take a walk on these walkways and enjoy your time admiring different types of flowers.

You can also take a small boat ride which takes you inside the garden and lets you explore different types of flowers from up close. It is one of those places that attract people from all parts of the world who visit Dubai. It’s an absolute delight to spend some time here admiring these beautiful flowers.

Wild Wadi Water Park

This is the biggest water park in this city. It has some thrilling rides, slides, and activities you can enjoy with your family. It’s located on Jumeirah road and attracts people of all age groups. You can be a kid or an adult but still, have lots of fun here. It has something for everyone. If you’re a thrill-seeker, then this water park will be the best place for you.

Miracle Garden

This garden is located on Jumeirah road and has some very colorful flowers and plants that attract children and adults alike. You can enjoy your time taking pictures of these beautiful flowers and exhibiting them on social media channels to show how gorgeous Dubai is.

Dubai Desert Safari

This is one of the most beautiful deserts in this world. You can enjoy your time taking pictures of camels, sand dunes, and mountains here. You can also go for camel rides on top of these sand dunes in the Dubai Desert Safari, which gives you an experience like never before.

Dubai Marine Park

It’s located near the Miracle Garden, and it’s an absolute joy for children. It has different species of marine animals like dolphins, sharks, turtles, stingrays, etc. People can go to dolphin shows here which they enjoy very much! If you love marine life, this park is definitely a must-visit place in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

It’s the tallest building globally and stands at 829.8 meters high. It has some of the fastest elevators which you can enjoy riding! The view from its top is absolutely breathtaking. You can see everything in a city from up here, and it’s an experience like never before. People who visit this place, always like to come again.

Dubai Creek Tower

This is another beautiful landmark in Dubai which has some of the fastest elevators in the whole world. It’s located on Deira road, and people use it as a reference point when visiting this city. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions of  Dubai. For more info

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