Easy tips to get finance for your favorite branded fans

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Summer in India is hot and humid. As the temperature soars to unbearable levels, there is a need for having a cooling system at home to make it more pleasant. Though air conditioners and air coolers are great cooling systems, they can be quite expensive and consume a large amount of electricity. 

On the other hand, fans, like the Fanzart wall fan, are inexpensive purchases and can help you cool your room down quickly without burning a hole through your pocket. This article discusses the best-branded fans and how to get finance for the Bajaj fan on EMI during this Christmas festive season.

Tips to get finance for your favourite brand fans:

  • The size and pitch of the fan’s blade is important as they determine the air delivery around the room
  • A good motor ensures great performance in ceiling fans
  • The latest fan models come with greater energy efficiency and can save almost 40% of the energy consumed
  • The warranty plays a great role in purchasing a ceiling fan as it is indicative of a greater life in ceiling fans

Best-branded fans available at affordable rates:

Usha EX9 1200mm High-Speed Dust Resistant Premium Ceiling Fan

Usha has provided the Indian Electronics market with the best fans for ages. The Usha EX9 1200mm High-Speed Dust Resistant premium Ceiling Fan is one of the latest Usha Fans models designed to give you the best comfort at affordable rates. This premium range of Usha fans Has been aerodynamically designed for higher air delivery of 240 m3/minute and at the rate of 280 RPM. It has been provided with a special 16 pole high torque 100% copper motor to boost the fan’s performance. The copper motor also prevents overheating and significantly improves the fan’s life. 

In addition, the fan has a double ball bearing support to enhance its performance by increasing the overall speed. The Sleek canopy design of the Usha EX9 1200mm High-Speed Dust Resistant premium Ceiling Fan, with futuristic design, gives it a sleek look, makes it resistant to dust, and improves air circulation across the room. These fans are available in a stunning range of twin tone automotive-inspired colours. 

Fanzart Venetian 52 inch Remote Control LED Ceiling Fan Black

The Fanzart Venetian 52 inch Remote Control LED Ceiling Fan Black has been design and craft for superior functionality and luxury. It remains unparalleled in terms of ceiling fan technology. The Venetian model is perfect for those preferring a period-style look in their drawing-room. With its unmatched design, the Fanzart Venetian 52 inch Remote Control LED Ceiling Fan Black provides a stunning new look to your room, rapid cooling with its aerodynamically designed rotator blades and impressive power motor. In addition the fan is equippe with a series of LED light. That accounts for bright lights mood and ambient lights depending on the occasion. What’s more the fan and the accompanying LED lights can be adjusted using a remote for greater convenience. The Fanzart Venetian 52 inch Remote Control LED Ceiling Fan Black is one of the latest Fanzart wall fans with a unique, sturdy design and affordable price.

Bajaj ARK 1200 MM Ceiling Fan

Bajaj has always remained a well-reputed name in the Indian subcontinent. The fans from Bajaj are highly adaptable, stylish and are available at a great Bajaj fan price. The Bajaj ARK 1200 MM Ceiling Fan has a powerful high torque 14 pole motor that significantly improves performance. The full aluminium body makes it lightweight and durable, preventing the fan from overheating. The fan also ensures high power delivery for rapidly cooling down a room.

In addition, the super clean metallic surface finish makes it resistant to dust and most physical damages. The Bajaj ARK 1200 MM Ceiling Fan has a highly aesthetic sleek design. That adapts your room’s general aesthetic and vibe. It is available in four attractive colour accents. It also comes in novelty designs like the Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends and Minnie Mouse. That will brighten up your child’s room!

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is a one-stop destination for all your electronic requirements, solutions, and more! It has a wide selection of carefully curated fans at affordable prices. And is the best place to be if you have a tight budget to stick to. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Store has exciting deals and offers on the premium range of ceiling fans. With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card you are entitle to amazing offers like No Cost EMI and zero down payment options on your purchase. 
And with the Christmas festive sale going on. This is the best time to buy a new ceiling fan with additional benefits like guaranteed discounts and cashback offers on your purchased item. You can make your purchase online or from a retail store near you using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card!

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