Easy Tips to Keep Fresh Flowers Live Longer

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Flowers are the most beautiful symbol of nature. They enhance the beauty of the environment and keep it fresh. Everyone adores Fresh flowers. They add color and life to your space, add a decent touch to any room, and make the ideal present for someone you love or even yourself. 

One of the drawbacks is the short life expectancy of cut fresh flowers, however, there are a bunch of ideas, and tips that expand their life span.

The first thing to remember is that a few flowers normally last longer than others. Roses, lilies, freesia, daisies, and sunflowers will generally remain new longer than hyacinths, lilacs, daffodils, ranunculus, and tulips. These are famous for shriveling after a couple of days.

How to Keep Flowers Live Longer

  • Cut the stems

Before you put those roses in water, trim 1-2 inches off the finish of each steam. Garden shears are best for this errand, however, kitchen scissors or a sharp, clean blade will likewise do.

Cut in a way to assist the stems with taking in water all the more effectively since they aren’t leaning level against the lower part of the jar. Specialists propose re-trimming after every few days for a new and clean stem.

  • Prune extra leaves 

It’s essential to remove any leaves that fall beneath the water line to avoid bacterial development. Look at your fresh flowers every day to remove dead leaves and petals.

This is particularly significant in mixed bouquets which have various kinds of flowers that might have different blooming times.

  • Pick the right vase 

This might look evident to few people, however, it truly has an effect. Since the florist gives you a lot of peonies on lengthy stems doesn’t mean they ought to be placed in a tall jar.

Greater, heavier flowers should be cut and placed in a low jar where they can uphold each other when they open or have space to fan out, while lighter, more sensitive flowers can be kept in a taller jar.

Ensure you are not crowding the jar either; if all else fails you can continuously make two flower bundles out of one. If you want to get fresh flowers then use online flower delivery and then take good care of them.

  • Change the water after few days

 Begin with a neat and clean case and occupy it with room temperature water. Whenever you add something like flower food to the water, ensure they are mixed well in the water before you place the flowers. Change the water, clean the jar, and yet again trim the stems at regular intervals.

  • Avoid heat, sunlight, windows and even fruits 

Flowers will live longer in a cooler room and assuming you keep them out of direct day light. Try not to put them close to machines that create high or low temperatures like the oven, climate control system, roof fans, and, surprisingly, your PC or TV.

Open windows will likewise make them dry out more rapidly, and get them far from new natural products which discharge small measures of gas that can cut the life expectancy of your flowers.

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Make you Flowers Live Longer with Additives

  • Flower food packet

The pre-mixed parcel that comes in with flowers from your florist or supermarket is generally concurred by specialists to be the best by and large technique for keeping flowers alive.

It’s the ideal mixture of the three fundamental things flowers need: carbs (sugars), biocides (purifying specialists), and acidifiers. These fixings advance cell digestion, battle microscopic organisms, and change the pH of the water to increment water take-up.

Specialists prescribe adding another bundle to your jar at whatever point you change the water, so request a few from your flower supplier if possible. 

  • Aspirin

Hold your daisies back by crushing an aspirin tablet and dissolving it into your water. The normal pain-killer can bring down the pH level in the water, which assists it with going through the stem quicker to keep your flowers fresher, longer.

  • Coins 

The copper in coins, particularly pennies, has acidic properties that likewise battle microbes filling in your water and on your flowers.

Only one penny on the lower part of the container will assist your tulips with opening up, yet a few specialists propose adding squashed aspirin to bring down pH levels and increment water flow.

  • Bleach

If bleach fights bacteria on floors and ledges, it just seems OK that it will kill the nasties in your jar water as well. This technique might be the trickiest since an excess of blanch is terrible for your flowers.

Specialists propose only a ¼ teaspoon of fade for 1 liter of water and add a touch of pop or vinegar for an acidic component that will assist the water with moving through your flowers.

  • Refrigerator 

There’s a reason why your flower specialist typically keeps flowers in a huge refrigerator. This technique will save your buds fresher for longer – on the off chance that you make sure to do it consistently.

  • Soda 

Perhaps you didn’t have the foggiest idea about your hydrangeas having a sweet tooth? Blend a ¼ cup of soda into the water and watch how your flowers stay enthusiastic with a sweet drink, very much like a child with a jar of Sprite.

Indeed, that is the kind of soda suggested, since a dark drink like Coke or Pepsi will turn the water overcast.


So these are the ways and tricks by which you can keep your flowers fresh and live longer.

Flowers are enhancers of the beauty of your surroundings. Their fragrance keeps the environment fresh so flowers should be kept with care so that they can stay fresh.

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