Electric Skateboard: What it is, how it works, its safety equipment, and the suitable scene

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Electric skateboards are indeed being loved because apart from being practical, one of the reasons is the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly and zero-emission vehicles. it can be a means of transportation between modes of public transportation such as Busway or Train. Go now, read the explanation below so that you are more familiar with this electric skateboard.

What is an Electric Skateboard?

Before we discuss further about this electric skateboard, let’s discuss what an electric skateboard itself is. The shape is not much different from an ordinary skateboard, it looks like the skateboard model can be a Shortboard or having a size of 30 inches and below and a Longboard or having a size above 30 inches. But if you need to conquer sharp turns, the Shortboard is the best option. Errors in choosing the type of skateboard can result in a “decreased comfort”.

To move, an electric skateboard uses an electric motor to propel it forward. And as an electric skateboard controller uses a remote control that sends commands to the ESC or some kind of electronic speed controller located at the bottom of the skateboard. This controller controls the skateboard to perform acceleration as well as braking.

How an Electric Skateboard Works

So because it uses an electric motor engine and also a remote control so that the electric skateboard gets its power supply from the battery under the deck and the motor on the wheel hub. The remote function itself is actually no different from the remote control in the remote control car toy, the skateboard will get orders from you and move according to its function through this remote control. Because it uses batteries, electric skateboards also have a feature called Regenerative Braking, which means the skateboard will recapture the energy from the skateboard’s momentum.

Use of Safety Equipment

Skateboard itself is included in the category of games or extreme sports, especially electric skateboards. So you are very obliged to use security equipment that will protect you from anything unwanted.

You should always wear a helmet to protect your head of course, wrist guards. Elbow protectors as well as knee pads. For the helmet itself, you can adjust it to your taste, whether you want a full face or a regular helmet, it doesn’t matter.

How Remote Works

On Electric Skateboards The remote control like any other remote control functions as a command, so when you press a button, the skateboard will immediately respond by braking or speeding. After you press, the remote will send a message to the ESC or some kind of speed controller that is under the deck. The ESC after getting the command will use the electric motor to respond according to the instructions given by the remote itself. In this case for braking or accelerating or walking forward.

The Right Scene to Practice

After you understand all the workings of an, it’s time for you to practice. To practice, you have to choose a place that is good and right and safe.

After you have mastered the basics of skateboarding such as starting, advancing, stopping and turning, then you can try to practice on paved roads which we recommend just using the bicycle path. For those of you who want to try using this one tool, our advice is to learn to use a skateboard without an engine first. And don’t forget to always use a protector when you’re using a skateboard. An electric skateboard can be very fast. If you get into an accident while you’re “riding an electric skateboard,” the possible impact could result in a more severe injury. Again, it is very important that you wear a really strong helmet Read More

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