Top 5 Tools to Embed Yelp Reviews on the Website

The basic fundamental of marketing is to show what appeals to your customers and target audience. And nothing could be more relevant and better than customer Yelp reviews as it’s the most authentic form of content.

You can source reviews from the best platforms like Yelp and embed them on your website. Yelp is one of the most referred sites by customers before they visit a place or business. You can easily collect your reviews using social media aggregator tools and show them as widgets on your website. It’s the best way to build your brand credibility on online mediums.

Here are the top tools you can use to collect, present, and embed Yelp reviews on websites.

5 Tools To Embed Yelp Reviews On Website:

1. Taggbox Widget

The best tool you will find for embedding Yelp reviews on the website is Taggbox Widget. It helps users sync the Yelp page and fetch all the reviews in one go. In fact, as soon as you earn any new Yelp reviews from your customers, they will be reflected on your website widget as well. 

Most tools don’t offer good customization and moderation features, but with Taggbox, you have a lot to experiment with. From themes to filters and custom CSS options, you have complete control over the reviews you want to show and how you want to show on your website. Another thing you will enjoy while using Taggbox Widget is the analytics. It shows in-depth about your widget’s performance on the website. With the UGC uploads feature, you can request your customers to drop a review for you directly on your widget’s social wall.

2. Tagembed

Tagembed review widget allows a simple and quick collection of Yelp reviews and embeds them on the website. Trust us, using it will save time for you as Tagembed is a no-code platform with minimal process. Its widget is very responsive. So unlike most tools, your Tagembed review widget will load easily on the website. Tagembed widget supports most website platforms. So you can add Yelp reviews to almost any type of website using Tagembed. The content filtration feature enables users to remove the poor Yelp reviews from the widget wall. 

Users love Tagemebed because it offers a free account for a lifetime. The tool has very low-cost pricing plans, so users get the most out of their investment. Another feature of Tagembed is the custom CSS option. You can add it to your website and give a customized look to your website widget. 

3. Reviews On My Website

‘Reviews On My Website’ is a great option for you if you only want to embed reviews. But you cannot embed any other social media feeds using this tool. You can also leverage 15 big review platforms, including Yelp. You can use the simple edit features like changes in fonts and layout presentation of the reviews. It will enhance how the Yelp reviews appear on your website.

You can put the best Yelp reviews in the spotlight, so your readers focus on them. Another feature of this tool you must try is to send direct review requests to your regular customers.

The ‘reviews on my website’ tool offer free as well as paid versions of the tool. Another reason why this tool is so popular is that the pricing plans are very cost-effective. 

4. Elfsight

Another of the top listed tools is Elfsight, and rightly so. The interface is very user-friendly, and you just need to invest a few minutes to get started with the tool and embed Yelp reviews on your website. 

You can integrate the tool with any website builder or CMS platform. Elfsight’s widget design also has a smartly placed CTA button that invites the website visitors to add their reviews. You also get design customization options for the widget to present your Yelp reviews creatively.

5. Self Embed Yelp Reviews

Yelp gives the option to embed reviews directly from the platform on the website. You can simply go to the corner three dots of the Yelp review and get the embed code. Then paste this code on your website editor. If you don’t have any budget to buy a paid tool or don’t want to use any widget tool at all, then only use this method. It has some major drawbacks. Like you have to repeat the process every time you want to add a Yelp review and delete each review separately from the website editor. 

Summing Up…

So these were the top options you can use to embed your business’ Yelp reviews on your website. Choose your option wisely, something that is a combination of cost-effective, easy-to-use, and offers advanced features. 

If you still have limited reviews on Yelp, then add a CTA button on your website or request reviews from your customers. Yelp reviews will surely add value to your business website; all you need is to select a tool and get started.

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