Exemplary Steps to Make the Most out of Kitchen Counter Space

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The kitchen is one of the most important areas in any house. Most of the time people tend to spend a reasonable time of their day in their kitchen either planning for a meal or for the purpose of having a meal. Thus no one is immune to the many wonders that unravel themselves in the kitchen space of a house. But it can also be the very same area that is often the most trapped or congested. This is mainly because of the fact that we tend to do a lot of adjustments in that place which can cause serious overburden in that area.

But do not lose hope as there are some smart ways with the help of which you can actually expand those spaces in your house. Thus here are some of the ways and tips that can help you with this regard for your house in smart city kala shah kaku.

Move Over the Microwave

No one is denying the placement and presence of microwaves in your kitchen. Microwave is an essential home appliance that has made the life of many an easy one. But one of the biggest holders of space on your kitchen countertop is that of a microwave. But do explore some other options that you can make use of while you are working in the kitchen.

There might be some space for that big and chunky microwave in the side of the corner and let us just be frank it might look good there. If your kitchen is tiny then you can work your way with the help of a rolling kitchen cart, Thus you should never be afraid of exploring more options as some might be helpful for you in one way or another.

Hang the Dish Rack

It becomes very messy when the dish racks are just there sitting on your kitchen countertop. They don’t just look messy but also very occupied. Furthermore, all the space that has been occupied will make the matter worse for you to freely move in the kitchen.

Try to explore your options more creatively. You should also opt out of those racks that you can install at any location. And if you are running low on a budget or you are having some trouble with racks in your tiny kitchen, then you can choose a small compact dish rack.

Extend the Countertop

If none of the above ones is helping you in any way or in any context, then there is something else that can prove to be quite productive in these instances. You can try to extend the countertop of your kitchen shelf with the help of some simple adjustments or improvements.

You can try to extend the workings of a countertop by adding a cart or an island to the very likes of the area.

Visit some websites to find the one that agrees with your house and kitchen size and then choose the one that can simply seal the deal.

Install an Integrated Cutting Board

One thing that also takes a lot of space in your kitchen countertop is this cutting board. So, it is time to get something that pulls double duty. A stage when you have two options. You can either try to integrate a cutting board or you can buy one such thing for your kitchen.

Nowadays where everything has revolutionized so has this department of kitchen utensils. Now, these integrated cutting boards come with attached colanders and thus you can also get to enjoy the drain underneath. 

Mount the Paper Towel Holder

Well if there is one thing that is easy to get off from your kitchen countertop is this paper towel holder. It is easy to get away from your countertop, you can place it somewhere else. Or you can also go creative by mounting it on the wall above the wall space above the dishwasher.

You can simply add a little hanger over the wall and can enjoy all the space that is now available for your kitchen countertop.

Use a Basket or Cabinet

It is okay to keep a cutting board on the top of your kitchen shelf, you are definitely not going to jail for that. But it might make things messy and overcrowded for you. That is when a basket or a cabinet can come to play its role. You can place all the extra things there and this can give you some extra space where you can carry out your activities with a little bit of enthusiasm.


Make sure to get the best of these above-mentioned tips. They are not only helpful but are also quite cost-effective. With the help of these tips, you will also get to enjoy the perks of a kitchen space that is quite spacious.

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