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See the image above? This is what you’ll see on your computer screen if you type in the address bar and press Enter. Now, the message that you see, says all about the very basic prerequisite when you are looking to access the login portal. However, that is not enough, if not all. There’s more to the Linksys extender login process than meets the eye. This blog will walk you through information to help you access the login page and begin with the network configuration part in no time.

What’s needed?

Before you begin with the Linksys extender login process, there are some important points you’ll need to consider:

  1. Connect your computer or smartphone or any other wireless device you intend to use to the extender’s local network. Why? Because the login page is based on the local device server and not connecting to it will invite the screen in the image as shown above. You can proceed with using a wired connection between your range extender and computer using ethernet cables. Or, you can also connect them wirelessly using a WiFi connection. Once connected, you’ll receive a confirmation message on the screen.

The images shown below accurately demonstrate the steps on how to make connections.

Image 2: Wired Connection

Image 3: Setting up a wireless connection

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection. Check the status using the Internet LED on your existing router.
  2. Ensure you have the main router’s network SSID and password details available. This is especially important if you are looking to connect the extender to the router network using the manual setup process. You can log in to the router setup wizard and note down the correct details.
  3. Make sure the Wireless Broadcasting of your router signals is enabled. If you keep the SSID hidden, the extender won’t be able to detect the same. You can, however, choose to manually enter the SSID and password in the setup wizard. For that, make sure you have the details pertaining to the same.

Meeting the requirements discussed above is important in order to access the login page. Once connected, you can proceed with the Linksys extender login process using the steps discussed next. login process

Once you are done connecting your computer or wireless device to the extender’s local network, you can use the default web address or the IP address to get to the login page. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer system. A compatible web browser can be Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • In the web address bar, type the default web address “” and press Enter. You will now be redirected to the Linksys extender login wizard.
  • If the login web address doesn’t work, you can use the default IP address instead. Simply, type the same in the address bar and press Enter. Alternatively, you can also use the following web address combinations to access the extender’s login page:

Considering you are using the RE6500 extender, you can use the following URLs:

Android and Windows: http://RE6500-XXX

Mac OS X and iOS: http://RE6500-XXX.local

XXX in the URL indicates the last three digits of your range extender device’s MAC address. You can find these details on the product label of your device.

Once on the login page, you can proceed with the setup instructions to configure your extender’s network settings.

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