How to conduct the extender Linksys setup

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Perhaps you are working at home, or are enjoying your time with your family while streaming an online HD movie. It can be very disturbing when you are unable to have a good time as a result of a poor network connection. It could be that your router is a high-quality wifi router but unfortunately, it doesn’t cover a vast area of your home. Because of that, you’re only able to make use of a high-speed internet connection if you’re at specific locations within your home. In this case, the extender Linksys setup can help guide you through how to fix the issue. With this in place, it allows you to extend the network out to areas that aren’t easily accessible by the router itself. It is well known that users usually shy away from the setting up of their extenders or routers. Well, you do have nothing to fear. On this website, we have made available simple and expert guidance that will help you perform the setup smoothly.

Setup Linksys extender using

Before you dive into the setup, it will be really good to make these setup tools very available so that you do not have to experience hassle in the process. 

  • Ethernet cable for connection to the network
  • A computer
  • Linksys extender
  • Also, note down the login details as well as the SSID of your router

 Step by step login and network setup

  • First and foremost, power on your extender and computer
  • Afterward, you have to establish a connection from your computer to the Linksys extender’s network via the ethernet cable. To do this, get your Ethernet cable and connect both ends of it to the ports for the LAN/WAN of both your computer and extender.
  • But you can also do this via wireless connection. Open the wifi settings on the computer. Turn on the “Wifi” icon and all the available active networks will be displayed. Find the name of the network of the extender you are using and connect to it by entering the password of the extender network.
  • Start your browser on your PC and go to the link bar on the web. Then type in and press “Enter”
  • Subsequently, this action will take you to the login page. You must be careful to input your login credentials like the username and password correctly. You can look up your login information on the sticker that is on your extender if you are not familiar with them. 
  • Afterward, choose “Login”
  • Next, on the admin page you need to input the network’s name (SSID) for your current router.
  • In the next step, you’ll have to decide on the method you’ll use to set the Linksys extender.
  • After that, you need to select the WiFi router you’d like to extend.
  • Then, follow the prompts for setup on the screen in order to complete the extender Linksys setup

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