Facebook fans, how and why to increase the fans of your Facebook page

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In spite of the initial skepticisms on social networks – “a pastime for kids”, they said – the real state of things should now be clear to everyone: if you have commercial activity and you have not created the related company page, you have foreclosed a good chunk of potential customers on their own.
Therefore, assuming that you have created your company fan page (and if you want some creative advice on this, take a look at the 
best company Facebook pages ), there is an exponential number of articles on the net that provide you with advice on how to increase the fans of your page; we will also give you some suggestions, but we will also try to answer a fundamental question: why is it important to have so many fans on Facebook?

Syncapse, a social intelligence company that analyzes the dynamics of Social Networks to better refine marketing strategies, has estimated that the average value of a fan on Facebook is approximately 174 dollars. Obviously, this figure, calculated by analyzing the behavior of fans of some highly-rated international brands such as Levi’s and Disney, is purely indicative for a smaller company; however, it is another bell that warns you not to take the issue of your Facebook fans lightly.

Returning to the question: why is it important to increase fans on Facebook? The reasons are manifold.
First of all, a page with many fans is synonymous with authority : for example, if I understand it on the page of a clothing store and I see that it is already appreciated and followed by many people, it will probably be of interest to me too and it just takes a moment to convince me to like Microsoft access definition.

Furthermore, in principle, Facebook fans have greater intrinsic value – for the company in question – than other users of the social network who are not fans of the page. This statement may seem obvious, but here’s what Syncapse found:
– Company Page fans tend to be more loyal to the brand, even in the long run. In fact, an almost empathic affinity is created with the brand;
– they also tend to spend more on the product provided by the company than non-fans;
– suggest the company’s products to friends/relatives and share their social content.

So how to increase the number of Facebook page fans?

Facebook itself provides very useful tools to convey users to your page: first of all, advertisements (read: how to make an advertising campaign on facebook ). However, this is not enough: as a fan, putting a like is as simple as removing it, if the facebook page I wanted to follow turns out to be a disappointment as it is not very interesting.

Everything is therefore in retaining the fans already acquired; first of all to keep them that way and secondly because a satisfied fan is like a happy customer: they will speak well of you to others and you can therefore get other fans without spending money on advertising. The advice is therefore to provide ofteninteresting content , from photos of a new product line to a corporate video , but not only one-way content: also try to involve your “audience” by asking their opinion , questions and surveys , organizing various kinds of Facebook contests (for example photos contest: like Adidas did by asking users to post photos with brand shoes / clothes via instangram, see photo below ). Again, create ad hoc events or reward them with discounts and coupons only for fans or by proposing to sign up for a newsletter: an excellent marketing tool for you, free and rewarding content for them.

A tip to make your page effective in this sense are the tabs (in the photo, circled in green).

In fact, with the new timeline graphics, the contents of your page quickly become obsolete as the new visitor who lands on the fan page will only see the most recent posts: the others get lost in the “past” of the page and they are visible only if we go to shake it.

The tabs, on the other hand, allow us to immediately highlight, under the cover, the contents that we consider relevant: for example, an advice is to always keep videos and photos (contents much appreciated by users) in evidence, such as various events and contests; in this way we will direct the navigation of our fans, influencing in principle what they will go to see.

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