Facts About WordPress Website Development You May Not Know

If you’re in search of a content management system, you won’t find anything better than WordPress. It’s one of the best because it can do more than you expect. In reality, most folks aren’t even aware of its capabilities. You should continue reading if you want to find out what they are. After all, WordPress is a system that even an individual with no experience in coding can operate.

  • Popularity: In terms of fame, WordPress stands above all content management systems currently available. A CMS is a software program that lets you write, publish, and edit web content. At the moment, WordPress is the driving force behind 4.5% of the internet world. If you deem it necessary, you can always hire a WordPress website development company in Delhi. The experts there can handle the intricacies of web development for you.

  • Recognized brands use WordPress: Some of the most recognized organizations in the world use WordPress. A few examples worth mentioning include the blogs published by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Forbes. Apart from that, brands like The Next Web, Mashable, and The New Yorker also use WordPress. Here are a few more if you’re curious.


  • People Magazine
  • NASA
  • Facebook Newsroom
  • Hardvard Business Review
  • The Rolling Stones
  • MTV News


  1. Not for blogging: Indeed, WordPress helps bloggers more than anyone else, but it has more implications. Today’s developers can build an entire e-commerce website using WordPress. Additionally, users can partake in online courses or contact online communities for support. WordPress works for small businesses catering to a small area and MNCs with a customer base spanning the world.

  • Innumerable functions with plugins: You can extend the functionality of WordPress without any formal knowledge of coding. You only need to download and use a few plugins. Some of these plugins are available for free, but for others, you have to pay. Nonetheless, once you have them at your disposal, you can build a surprisingly functional website. You won’t even have to rely on professional developers.

  • The skills are useful: Web developers aren’t the only people who need to learn WordPress skills. An entrepreneur can benefit profoundly from learning as much as possible about this platform. As mentioned above, you can resort to online educational courses on WordPress. After that, you can use the knowledge to customize WP themes, install plugins, and more. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to spend too much money during the initial days. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can save money by doing everything yourself.


Ease of management


Maybe your budget can accommodate the services offered by a WordPress website development company in Delhi. However, relying on a web development agency, in the long run, will be somewhat expensive. Once your website is up and running, you can spare some time to learn WP and how to operate it. After that, when you have to update or enhance your website in the future, you can do it alone. The online community will support you for free. Other than that, you can turn to premium support offered by developers.

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