Facts to Know About Aadhaar Knowing Your Customer (KYC)

There is no doubt that these brief descriptions immediately send out a message to the recruiter or hiring manager who receives the resume. It can mean the difference between getting in or out of the door, in terms of short listing the candidate for a personal interview. A resume that portrays itself positively can make a prospective employer’s mind up critically on whether to hire or ignore an applicant. Resume job titles, responsibilities and functions are an important part of any resume, simply because there is generally very little space for anything else.

Many people get cynical about resume job titles, responsibilities and functions because there are people who want to look better than they actually are. Some do it because they cannot think of other tactics to increase their chances of being hired. This is a trend that has existed for as long as hiring companies have used resumes as pre-screening tools in the recruitment process. 

The intensity of competition for jobs pushes people to look for even the tiniest advantage. The resume job title, responsibilities and functions are the basis for assessing the suitability of a job applicant for the position. It is one way of ensuring that the prospective employee meets the overall criteria for the job. Any exaggeration or misleading descriptions can result in an unqualified person handling sensitive information, high tech or hazardous equipment causing losses to the hiring company.

The best resume is clearly presented, lists job title and responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with any employment reference checks. It gives the employer an accurate idea of what the applicant has done and whether he or she is suited to the job.

Knowing your customer (KYC) is critical to your business to mitigate external risks and safeguard your company brand and financials. For example, Aadhaar KYC is critical for banks to comply with Anti-Money Laundering reporting standards. KYC is the banks way of taking ownership of all funds placed for deposit under their care while establishing repoire with the client. Objective here is to validate the identity, profile and reputation of an individual or a business entity.

eKYC using Aadhaar enables businesses to instantly attract, on-board and serve customers anywhere. At a click of a button, the customer can avail the services without having to provide any paper documents. The eKYC validation is instant, reliable and secure thereby establishing trust between the customer and the service provider.It is an easy implementation, time efficient and completely paperless process for both the customer as well as KYC agency.

All private and public enterprises require Know Your Customer (KYC) to be able to deliver their services. However, this verification and validation process is cumbersome, time consuming and error prone. It takes anywhere from a few days to months for customer registration and often becomes a deterrent for customer acquisition.​​There is an urgent need for businesses to validate the identity, profile and reputation of an individual or a business entity. Aadhaar Based eKYC is your gateway to perform this validation on the fly! Real time identity validation using Aadhaar based offline KYC can make all your business transactions safe and secure.

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