How To Find The Most Comfortable Headset For Work?

A headset is an essential device for various job profiles. Hence, it is important to pick a comfortable one from different headsets available in the market. However, while selecting the office headphones, the decision is very subjective and varies from person to person. For this reason, a headphone that is good for an individual may not suit the other. 

That’s why we have curated some tips that will help you figure out the most comfortable headphone for work. So, check out the below tips, and make a good buying decision accordingly.

Tips To Find A Comfortable Headset For Work

Do You Prefer A Headband?

Some headsets come with a headband and vice-versa. The headband can cause discomfort to some users on prolonged usage that result in headaches in extreme cases. Besides, some users avoid the headband to keep their hairstyle intact. In such a scenario, one should not consider the headphones that come with a headband.

However, headbands are good for users who want a decent over-the-head fit. Moreover, some headphones come with a flexible headband that adjusts according to the size of your head. So consider whether you want the headband or not before buying an office headset.

Headset Design

Based on the design, the headsets can be divided into two major categories: Over The Ear & In The Ear. Let’s go through them in detail, one by one.

  • Over The Ear Headsets

In this type of headphones, the speaker rests against the user’s ears. In other words, the speaker outlets do not insert inside the ears. These are perfect for the ones who want to interact with their teammates or colleagues while working because they don’t isolate you from the surroundings.

  • In The Ear Headsets

The speaker in these types of headphones directly inserts inside the ear. They isolate the user from the surroundings, avoiding unwanted sounds. Thus, they are perfect for individuals working in noisy office environments. Moreover, as the headphone’s speakers are close to the ear canal, the audio output is more crisp and clear.

After going through the benefits of the two, you can select one from the above types according to their preferences and usage scenario. 

Ear Cushions

Headphones have a covering of cushions over the ear cups to provide a comfortable experience to the users. However, ear cushions can be made up of different materials. The two majorly used materials are; Foam & Leatherette.

Some people have an allergy to foam. So, they should avoid foam and go with the leatherette ones. Because they are easily available with most headset models.

Also, some headphone manufacturers provide the option to replace the foam covering with the leatherette one. Therefore, check if you are comfortable with the material of the ear cushions or not, and make a selection accordingly.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Feature

Offices with open seating areas are very noisy. Consequently, it takes a toll on an individuals’ productivity. Because distracting noise is a regular thing in some offices. For this reason, the employees are unable to focus on their work and get distracted again and again. Whether it is the typing sound of keyboards or the co-workers talking to each other, noise is a problem that needs to be considered seriously.

Although the traditional headsets don’t have any feature to filter the noise, the newer ones come with an Active Noise Cancellation functionality. It automatically filters the unwanted sounds and provides you with good-quality audio output.

ANC can be turned on or off with a button in some headphones. Most of the renowned headphone brands such as JABRA headsets provide quality ANC features in their devices. The headphones with large ear cups covering the whole ear, and having ANC are the best for noise isolation.

Cordless VS Corded Headsets

It boils down to an individual’s usage pattern whether they require a corded headphone or a cordless one. For instance, if the work requires you to move around the office multiple times in a day, a corded headset can be a problem. Because one has to unplug and plug in the headphones every time while getting up from the seat and moving around.

On the other hand, a wireless headset stays connected to the respective device even if the user moves away up to a few meters. However, it will eventually disconnect if one moves too far away, which is generally not the case in the office. 

Furthermore, if you feel comfortable using a corded headset, you can use the quick disconnect adapter. It allows you to quickly and easily unplug the headphones without disconnecting them from the main device. This way, one can move away from the desk without a hassle.

Length Of Cord

If you are considering wired headsets, make sure to pick the one with a decent cable length. Because headphones with a short cord get disconnected when the user moves a little away from the device. Moreover, when the headset cord stretches, its grip starts becoming loose from the head, which is both frustrating and uncomfortable.

But there is a solution! You can get an extension cable that directly plugs in the Quick Disconnect Adapter mentioned above, and solve the problem of short cord length. It provides you around a 10 feet extension of the cord length that makes the headset usage experience more comfortable.


With the help of the above tips, one can select a suitable headphone according to personal preferences. However, as discussed above, comfort is subjective. Therefore, one must figure out their own requirements, first of all. Afterward, buy the one that fits in the budget and the requirement-set. 

Moreover, investing in renowned and reputable brands always provides good value for your money. Because the headphones last for years without any wear or audio issues. For this reason, always select good headset brands like SENNHEISER headsets, to ensure a quality audio experience. In addition, they also have a good customer support team for claiming warranty or fixing other problems in the device.


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