A Guide for buying Fiber optic star ceiling

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It is a specialized market that fiber optic star ceiling lighting has carve out since the end emitting points are small and very bright, and numerous points of light may with one light source or bulb. This is one of the newest trends of decorating homes, hotels and even playschools that make use of the fiber optics sky, stars and the constellations, to make a fairy-tale lookalike world.

fiber optic ceiling

You’ll see the starry ceiling effect in movie theatres, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, award ceremonies, concerts, day spas, and cancer treatment facilities. Family homes now use star ceilings in media and children’s rooms, saunas and bath spaces, and pool houses to create unique lighting schemes.

The fiber optic star ceiling system is the industry’s only one of its kind. As a kit, it is deliver to the customer’s location. Star ceilings are install in the quickest period possible compare to the standard spools of fiber and lights already available.

Fiber optic star ceiling components have use by hundreds of contractors, designers, architects, and general electric installers. You can use the information and photographs provided here to assist you in searching for the perfect star ceiling for your home. Star ceiling installers, designers, and contractors can found by clicking below.

Products and Services for the System

See the new Starry Night fiber optic star ceiling. One approach to get a big impact for much less money!

The article is here to assist you in the design, selection, and installation of your project’s star ceiling. From the ground up, our sales engineers designe the Systems. There are a wide range of options for star ceilings.

fiber optic ceiling

Installing Process

Having the following information ready for discussion might helpful:

  • It is important to consider the size of the starfield (in square feet)
  • The density of stars per square foot
  • Light source storage placement is located at a distance from the room’s center.
  • A form of the ceiling (Suspended or Drywall). You can start with the acoustic wall panels on which lights get installe, and you can use these lights also for major festive decorations, and also arrange sound and remote-control operating systems with these lights.
  • To avoid drilling through any studs in your ceiling, use a stud finder to mark each with a permanent marker. If you’re looking for inspiration for your star ceiling effect, here is an excellent place to start. Fiber optic star ceilingstrands can insert between each stud site.

How can you go for the installation part? Know how to install the lights

Drill 1-inch holes into the sidewalls of the studs in your access area above the ceiling if you intend to use it for storage purposes. The Fiber optic star ceiling will routed via these holes and into each ceiling’s sections.

  • Drawing a diagram of what you want your star ceiling to look like is a great way to get starte.
  • Using the diagram as a guide, begin drilling the holes in your ceiling.
  • In the ceiling access, insert the fiber strands into the pre-drilled holes. You can “poke” fibers out of the ceiling holes and glue them. A common household adhesive is used many of our clients.
  • The strands sticking out of the ceiling can trimme back once the adhesive has set completely.


So, this is all the entire guidance regarding fiber optic star ceiling.It has now become one of the major modern and trendy ways of decorating your home. You can also gift the star ceilings to your loved ones, on the festive occasion.  And then go for buying fiber optic star ceiling.

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