Guidelines on How to Select and Buy Truffles

Truffles are used in many cuisines primarily because of their delicious taste. So, have you used truffles in any of your prepared dishes before? Well, if not, then it is suggested that you should use Buy Truffles now. But you must have heard about the unique taste of truffles. That is why eating them would entirely be a new experience for you. They are usually difficult to find, so the best way is to order truffles online. Shop for butchers meat online and get the best offers at butchers Melbourne.

We will share an interesting guide for you to follow that will help you in buying truffles easily. So, let’s start and read the entire article as it is for your benefit. 

Tips for Buying Truffles

If you are buying truffles for the first time, be careful with the following points.


Truffles come in many varieties but not every type is available as the availability is for only a few months. They taste great only if they are fresh. So, the time varies with the type of truffles. The white truffle is available between September to December. The winter black truffles from December to early March. Also, we have bianchetti truffles in February and March but summer black and white truffles from May to August only. 


The demand for truffles mainly determines the price because they are harvested in fewer quantities. Price is an essential factor, so you must survey and see the comparisons before buying the truffles.

There is also a debate on which truffle to buy, white or black. So, keep it simple, and if you want to use it for light cooking, buy the black truffles. On the other hand, use the white truffle for intense cooked food. When you decide which truffle you need to buy, carefully read the next section in which the selection tips are mentioned. 

Tips to Select White Truffle

There are several tips for the selection of white truffle, so let’s begin.

Smell the Truffle

The first action you have to perform is to smell the truffles. The quality depends on the aroma; if it is good, the truffle is fresh. The important tip is to remember that you pay for the smell it gives out when you buy truffle instead of the shape and size. 

Press the Truffle

There is no need to press it too hard, as it may damage it. You must slowly squeeze the truffles with the help of your fingers. If you think the texture is very soft, it is not fresh. The best quality truffles will be firm between the fingers.

Broken Truffles

Mostly, people do not buy truffles having holes because it is a perception they may have insects inside. But, the broken sign indicates a rich truffle that is the best choice.

To check for Soil

When you decide on buying truffles, it is important to see if they have soil. The soil indicates they will remain fresh for long hours.

Tips to Select Black Truffle

Weight and Size

The truffle should be heavy for its size. The perfect weight to size ratio shows the freshness of the truffle. However, if it feels thin, it may have been sitting around for a long.

Taste and Aroma

Black truffles releases smell like red wine, cheese, and mushrooms. So, it is a good idea to check for them, and if you cannot smell anything then avoid buying those truffles.


After checking for taste, you must look for texture and soft spots. You can easily check if you are buying from any shop. But, if you are going to order truffles online, the only way to avoid this situation is to get them from a trustworthy store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on tips to select and buy truffles.

·         How can we select a good truffle?

You can select a good truffle by determining the weight and size of the truffle. It should be heavy for its size. It is an indicator of freshness for truffles.

·         What kind of smell a truffle has?

It has a distinct flavor that includes the tastes of garlic and mushrooms. It also tastes like nutty and earthy, with a touch of savory like black olives.

·         What kind of truffles are best to buy?

Black truffles are considered best to buy as they are less heat sensitive. They become the best choice for lightly cooked meals.

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