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Health ranger report (H.R.R.) is a weekly newsletter that reveals hidden truths about the science and politics behind today’s most pressing health issues, empowering you to take informed action steps toward better health.

Health ranger report

covering topics including GMOs, vaccines, food ingredients, superfoods, nutrition facts and more.


Health Ranger’s independent laboratory tests food, supplements, personal care and other consumer products for heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and tungsten.

natural health field

With a half century of experience in the natural health field, Mike Adams has authored tens of thousands of articles and published over 1000 videos on nutrition, holistic health and healing. The Health Ranger’s mission is to drive independent thinking and offer real food information that can change your life for the better.


Health Ranger Report is a monthly newsletter that delivers the most potent (and sustainable) strategies for optimizing your health, longevity, and brainpower.


health ranger report provides you with the best and latest news about nutrition, weight loss, brain power, herbal remedies, natural living, superfoods and more.

daily news digest

The health ranger report is a daily news digest on natural health and wellness. It is delivered to your inbox every day in plain text so you can read it on any device.

health ranger report provides you with the latest breaking news, research and developments in the world of natural health.


Health Ranger’s mission is to empower you with knowledge about what’s really in your food, beverages and personal care products. We are passionate about finding ways to protect your health from the damaging effects of toxic chemicals so you can live a long and vibrant life.

health and wellness

Health Ranger Report is a health and wellness e-commerce store that sells reports from the leading experts in the field of health, nutrition, and personal development. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to live healthier lives by providing independent research on natural health products and lifestyle choices.


In a world of seemingly infinite information, how can you know what’s true anymore? Where can you turn for honest reporting that isn’t tainted by corporate agendas or political correctness run amok?


The health ranger report is a review site for products and services. It ranks the best and worst according to the laws of science, logic, and reason.

daily newsletter

The Health Ranger Report is a daily newsletter that contains cutting edge science and research on nutrition, superfoods, longevity, biotechnology and more.


health ranger report is a specialized news site that publishes articles covering the effects of natural foods, superfoods, spices and herbs on human health. The site also features topics such as home remedies for common ailments, holistic nutrition for disease prevention and treatment as well as advice about vitamins and dietary supplements.

Health Ranger Report

Health Ranger Report is an independent, science-based natural health advocacy platform, focusing on food and nutrition. It’s a place where you can find honest information about the dangers associated with the food supply, toxic ingredients in personal care products, and all manner of deceptive practices perpetrated by the dishonest players in politics and media.


Health Ranger Store – Natural News products, superfoods and more. Shop now for health, nutrition and green living products at the Health Ranger Store !

Natural News

I am the Health Ranger, founder of Natural News and. I’ve spent my entire life as a laboratory scientist, with degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and nutrition. My mission is to empower you with knowledge and tools you can use to protect yourself from corporate food violence while empowering others to do the same through the Health Ranger Store .


Health Ranger Report is an independent health and science news website that publishes stories of interest to natural health enthusiasts. From food to medicine, from wellness to technology, we cover breaking news and new developments in the world of natural health.


Health is wealth

But a lot of people don’t really have the time or inclination to research and learn about health, so they end up having a poor understanding of this important topic. Fortunately, Health Ranger Report puts out some of the best information on nutrition, supplementation, and other aspects related to health that you can find online. We deliver cutting-edge science in an easy-to-follow format that makes it easier for anyone to understand health. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge so that you can make informed decisions about your body and how it works.


Health Ranger’s mission is to provide intelligent, independent and high-quality health news that can help improve the lives of people around the world. We are a science-based natural health advocacy platform that helps people make better lifestyle choices by providing accurate information on food, nutrition, alternative medicine and more.

mainstream media

Are you sick and tired of watching the mainstream media lie to you, distort the truth and push toxic vaccines, GMOs and pharma drugs on a daily basis? You’re not alone! Health Ranger Mike Adams has put together a newsletter packed with exclusive stories you won’t find anywhere else. It’s real journalism for real people.


The Health Ranger is the #1 most censored science website in the world. I’m a scientist, natural health expert, journalist and investigative publisher with a focus on health freedom and food rights.

health news

It is a newsletter that delivers the latest health news, science and technology breakthroughs for real people in simple, straight-forward terms. The Health Ranger report features important scientific information that’s often missing from popular media reports.


health science education website focused on natural health, medicine and nutrition. You can find videos and articles about the dangers of prescription drugs, vaccines, fluoride and other chemical poisons found in foods, beverages and personal care products.

learn more about health and nutrition

health ranger report is a resource for people who want to learn more about health and nutrition, with a particular emphasis on natural, evidence-based solutions.


Health Ranger Report is a free newsletter that keeps you informed of the latest breakthroughs in nutrition and health research. Learn about new studies, unearth natural solutions for common ailments, and get easy-to-follow recipes for delicious home cooked meals.


Health Ranger report is a health education website. The goal of this site is to educate the public about nutrition, fitness and disease prevention.


health ranger report provides daily news coverage of current events and breaking news in science, technology, green living, nutrition and more. It’s the one-stop resource for all the information you need to stay informed about health and nutrition.


The Health Ranger is an independent science and public health advocate, consumer watchdog, investigative journalist and entrepreneur. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is the founder and publisher of — one of the top 10 most-trafficked health news websites in the world.

read daily

world’s most viewed natural health news site, read daily by millions of people around the globe. By empowering readers with information and actionable content, Health Ranger Mike Adams serves as a catalyst for personal empowerment and societal change.


Each day, Mike Adams serves up fresh news coverage and commentary on the topics that matter most for health freedom. As a strong advocate for natural health and wellness, Mike exposes the fraud of the pharmaceutical industry, the corruption of government regulatory agencies and the toxic ingredients found in foods, beverages and medicines.

daily news

The health ranger report is a source of daily news that matters. It is a one stop destination to know what’s going on in the world of health, science, nutrition and natural medicine.


It is an online news and health website dedicated to spreading the truth about health, medicine, food and chemical issues that are silently killing people. The Health Ranger’s mission is to empower individuals with verified, science-based information so they can improve their health and protect themselves against corporate propaganda campaigns designed to profit from poisoning the population.

system of food

The health ranger report is a system of food and dietary supplement ratings that help you to easily identify the most nutritious, health-promoting products. It also helps you avoid toxic, potentially disease-causing or otherwise harmful ingredients in your food.


The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is Health Ranger Report the premiere science lab director in natural health, food science and investigative journalism. He has published thousands of articles dissecting fraud within the food industry, written hundreds of scientific papers on nutrition and healthy living and created several websites including, and others covering natural health topics (see below). His work routinely appears in major media outlets around the world such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox News Channel.

health news

Health Ranger Report is a one-stop resource for all the health news, research, and analysis you need to stay informed. Dr. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has created a ground-breaking new report focused on independent science and unbiased journalism that brings you the truth about what’s really happening in natural medicine, nutrition, dietary supplements, exercise and more.


Natural News is a science-based independent media organization dedicated to uncovering the truth about health and nutrition Founded by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams in 2005 the online natural health news source today serves millions of readers across an array of social media channels This article was originally posted at Natural News

Mike Adams (the Health Ranger Report Ranger) has been a true pioneer in the natural health field and he’s not afraid to stand up against dangerous chemicals or biased interests He is also one of the most factual sources on the internet; he’s not selling you snake oil or trying to get you to buy into an industry that isn’t based in reality

Health Ranger Report

Health Ranger Mike Adams is the creator of Natural and a multiple award-winning journalist and executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center

The Health Ranger’s mission is simple: empower the public through education and information on natural Health Ranger Report science research and freedom of choice Our goal is to make you a more informed consumer so that you can live in optimum health

Mike Adams the Health Ranger editor of and creator of released a new podcast today that features an exclusive interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr on his latest science breakthroughs involving exposure to toxic metals in vaccines The podcast is available here

The Health Ranger

Natural News is a fantastic website that offers daily articles about the dangers of GMO foods vaccines and Big Pharma It is run by Mike Adams “The Health Ranger.” You can read his blog here: blog If you want to learn more about the dangers of GMO foods and glyphosate herbicides go to:

Mike Adams the “Health Ranger,” is an outspoken consumer health advocate award-winning investigative journalist internet activist and science lab director Learn more:

We have a full online news Health Ranger Report of websites that publishes 24/7 365 days a year The Health Ranger is the editor of this network and he has put together an amazing team of investigative journalists who are all trained professionals in their respective fields This means that no matter what topic

authority and accuracy

we’re covering we have someone on staff who can speak to it with authority and accuracy If you’d like to see some examples of our work please check out these stories: The Health Ranger’s mission is to be the “Ombudsman” for Natural News readers by identifying toxic elements in society and food while providing solutions Health Ranger Report natural health education and advocacy The Health Ranger is also the founder & laboratory director of CWC Labs an

The Health Ranger’s report on all this is available here:

Mike Adams the Health Ranger is a consumer health advocate and award-winning investigative journalist with a strong interest in personal health the environment and protecting the truth about science Do you have any questions for me?

: why you need to stop drinking soda pop Drinking soda pop is a habit that many people have The problem with this is that soda pop is incredibly unhealthy and the sweet taste in the drink can actually make you crave more Health Ranger Report of it If you’re looking for a healthier alternative try seltzer water instead This still has some sweetness to it but it’s not nearly as bad for your health as regular soda pop Soda Pop and Your Teeth The biggest problem with drinking soda pop on a regular basis is that it can harm your teeth and cause cavities Seltzer water doesn’t have nearly as much sugar in it and won’t cause problems with tooth decay

Health Ranger

The Health Ranger Mike Adams is a consumer health advocate with a passion for science who also holds several patents He has been called “the most famous journalist in the world” by and is the creator of two top 10 science podcasts at iTunes: The Health Ranger Report and The Daily Tech News Show In the video below Mike Adams explains to us how water vapor (invisible gaseous form of water) is neither created nor destroyed by any means it can only change its state between liquid solid or gas (condensation)  According to him this simple scientific fact is ignored by climate alarmists’ pseudoscience claims about man-made global warming As you see from this video

Natural News

is run by Mike Adams who also writes many articles for the site as well as producing a daily podcast called “The Health Ranger Health Ranger Report ” which can be heard on YouTube or downloaded from iTunes He also hosts an interview show called “The Doctor’s Farmacy” where he interviews medical professionals about their specialties and how they see medicine evolving in today’s world While

most respected natural health websites on the Internet It is also a big target for those who don’t like real news honest journalism or the truth Natural News has been attacked by clickbait fake news sites for years and their latest salvo is an attack piece that attempts to smear Natural News by claiming it was somehow “tied to” Deflate Gate

The Health Ranger also has several articles on and that you can view to get a better understanding of the man his work and his mission to protect human health

Every day I read about the latest breaking news in natural health and science It’s all posted at

Mike Adams the Health Ranger is an outspoken consumer health advocate promoting organic living sustainable agriculture and non-GMO choices He is widely known for his fearless defense of science animals and the Health Ranger Report In addition to being a powerful voice on social media with over 1 million YouTube subscribers and more than 350 hundred thousand Twitter followers (and growing) Adams hosts two popular online news programs: Mike Adams: The Health Ranger Report and Radio The Health Ranger also produces lab tested superfoods personalized vitamin supplements and non-GMO products available in stores nationwide including Costco Sam’s Club and Walmart A grassroots activist who never uses political correctness to cover up facts he feels are important to share with others Adams

This article from my friends at: You see it turns out that the real key to living a happy and fulfilling life isn’t your bank account balance or your body shape but rather your emotional intelligence (EQ) which is the ability to identify and understand emotions in yourself and others and to discriminate among them effectively without letting them control you Emotions are an integral part of our decision making our relationships with others our interactions with society as a whole – really everything about our lives that is meaningful in any way involves understanding emotions on some level A

my consumer-oriented website where I serve as publisher and editorial director of the NaturalNews Network -Mike Adams is a celebrated health freedom advocate award-winning investigative journalist internet activist and science lab director who created the internet’s most-trafficked natural health news website He is also the creator of and several other websites covering natural health topics that reach millions of readers each month seeking credible information on natural medicine and healthy living with references to scientific studies on Read More

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