Home Exercise To Become Taller In No Time!

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A tall posture adds an extra charm to the personality. It makes one look attractive and enhances the overall persona. That’s the reason why people, even past their growing years, try to increase their height. While traditional medicines are still effective to some extent, medical science has leaped to provide effective medicines for height increase. For instance, does ashwagandha increase height is a common question that pops into the mind of people who still trust the promising results of herbal remedies. 

Although that’s not entirely incorrect, you can advance your height-increasing process through acupressure and other treatments. However, these treatments can be quite expensive and overboard for some people. Moreover, they may even cause severe side effects. So, the best way to increase height easily and quickly is the daily workout. Regular exercise also helps you tone and strengthen your muscles, facilitating the growth hormone’s production that ultimately helps increase height. In addition to this, a balanced diet that caters to your specific nutritional needs helps these hormones function actively.  This said, let us now dive straight into learning the best exercises you can do at home to achieve a taller physique quickly!

Home Exercises To Increase Height 

Many factors influence height growth; the most overpowering factor is genetics. However, other factors such as diet and exercise can also have an exponential effect if used correctly. For most people, after puberty gets over, the growth hormone activity decreases. But, some people may witness the growth years till the age of 22-25. Hence, exercise is the only possible way to earn extra few inches for height after these years. Doing these exercises even 2-3 times a week can yield you great results. However, remember not to overdo them as they may cause injury and disturb the body’s healing process. 

Bar Hanging- 

An anti-gravity move may help you decompress your spines and joints to squeeze the cartilage and make them thin. This will lead you to appear taller. So, hanging on a vertical bar or a solid high platform can help you counter gravity. Hanging allows your spine to stretch with the help of your lower torso’s weight. Along with this, it also decreases the load on the vertebras. Hence, if you hang your body regularly with the help of a horizontal bar that allows your body to extend properly, you can gradually increase your height up to 2-3 inches. 

Dry Land Swim or Alternate Kick- 

This interesting exercise or yoga pose focuses on your lower back. You have to begin this movement by laying down flat on your stomach and ensuring that your body is relaxed and fully extended. Then, extend your arms straight in the front while facing your palms down towards the floor. Then with respect to the right arm, lift your left arm higher. At this point, you have to keep your legs absolutely straight and then raise your right leg towards the ceiling as far as you can. Hold this stretch position for at least 4-5 seconds, and then after relaxing for a few seconds, repeat the steps with the other leg. 

Cobra Stretch- 

When you intend to stretch the spine while keeping it supple and flexible, what’s better than yoga, right? The cobra stretch pose is beneficial for the growth of your cartilage placed between the vertebrae that finally leads to an increase in your height. To perform a cobra pose, lie down on a solid surface with your face towards the floor and palms on it under the shoulders. Then, try to arch your spine upwards in a manner that leads to your chin and forms an elevated angle. 3-4 reps of the cobra pose that last for 10-30 seconds may deliver effective results for your height.  

One Leg Hopping- 

This is by far the easiest and most fun exercise for increasing height. You can perform this exercise literally anywhere; all you’ve got to do is hop! To perform a one-leg hop, lift your left leg up and hop 8-10 times while touching your right elbow to the elevated knee. Then, repeat this hopping movement with the other leg as well. This exercise helps boost the activity of growth hormones and also improves cognitive functions. 

Spine Stretch- 

This again is a common height increase exercise that has shown effective results. You simply have to sit on the floor with your legs extended at a distance of shoulder width. Then, slightly bend forward and try to touch your toes while flexing your feet to execute the move. 

Wall Stretch- 

Stand straight against a wall and try to extend your hands as high as possible. Keep your back absolutely straight against the wall and get onto your tiptoes if possible. Though relatively challenging, this movement has to be done for 4-6 seconds against the wall. 

Forward Bend- 

Bending, like stretching, is always considered ideal for height gain. The forward bend is a common height increase exercise that involves both. To perform this exercise, stand tall with your legs wide apart and stretch your hands up. Now, gradually bend over ahead and try to touch the ground without bending your knees.  

Pelvic shift- 

If you want to stretch your entire body from spine to hips and gain height quickly, pelvic shifts are just the thing for you! Start by lying on your back while you keep your arms and shoulders stiff on the ground. Then slowly draw your feet towards your hips and form an arch with your back to slightly lift up the pelvis. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds so that you can expect enhancement of flexibility and height growth. 


Maintaining a regularity with the stretching exercises mentioned above is vital for gaining effective results. Also, facilitating growth in your body is not limited to exercises alone. A balanced diet and a wise choice of supplements can further boost height growth. For instance, protein works wonderfully to deliver fast growth and overall body development results in most cases. And, when it comes to protein powder, you can choose Utsaha by Nature Sutra without thinking twice. It possesses all the essential amino acids and other nutritious as well as safe ingredients vital for growth and immunity. Therefore, along with stretching, make sure you complete your nutrition for growth with the right lifestyle, diet, and supplementation. 

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