How Can I Write A Book About My Life?

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Numerous people are inspired to write a book about themselves. In my life, I have heard people saying that they are willing to share their life stories uniquely. They are very excited about the world to know what their lives are about and how they deal with the problems and celebrate their achievement. Every individual has a different scope of life and different experiences, and every story can be uniques in its own way. The real challenge is how to start writing a book. There are several challenges when it comes down to writing. There are many technical aspects to book writing, from the book flow to the objective to the writing to the marketing and publishing.

Most of the time, authors prefer hiring ebook writing services to do all the groundwork. The ebook writing involves creative writing, which requires a professional skill set that cannot be expected from a layman who wants to share his story. The demand for book writing has been increased in the US market; therefore, many ebook writing services have now been launched by either freelancers or by companies. If you are looking for an agency who can write a book for you, my personal recommendation would be Creative writing experts. They have written several books and have in  their umbrella the names of many renowned authors whose books they have written, published and marketed.  Similarly, other ebook writing companies are also emerging every day in the US market.

If you however, do not wish to write the book via an agency instead write it yourself, here are a few of the tips you might consider:

Just Start Writing:

This is the stage where you should write down all your thoughts and memories. Sometimes it is highly likely to forget key points due to overloaded information in the head. Just start writing whatever is coming your way. Chronological order is not an issue at this moment. The primary focus is gathering as many memories and thoughts as possible from the past.

Set Realistic Self Deadlines:

Self deadlines on the daily word count can be a successful strategy in book writing. You don’t need to write all the time, but you should be habitual of writing often. Divide your day, give yourself daily word count deadlines, and try to achieve them. Initially, give yourself a daily target of 300 to 400 words. Once you are in momentum, you will be able to write at least 1500 to 2000 words daily. Consistency in writing will enhance your creativity. Set small daily deadlines.  Prepare a schedule and manage some time from your busy life. Set daily goals, and don’t let those deadlines pass. Planning will help you to dedicate the specific time of your day. You will not think of when to start. Moreover, when it is the writing time of the day, then ensure your availability mentally and physically, avoiding all the distractions.

Real Time Scenarios:

When you are writing the book about your life, the most significant element to add is your memories and experiences that show how real the book’s content is. The most reliable way of doing it is to write down different memories in a traditional way of using pen and paper. The information will be written separately to make it easier to shortlist the events you want to add to your book.

Organize and Finalize the format of your story:

First and foremost, decide the flow and format of your story. Do you want to write it in chronological order? Or focus on one aspect of your life throughout the book? Or do you want to be different, varying from chapter to chapter? Do you want to stay in the past throughout the book or narrate the story as if you are in the present and give the flashbacks of the past? These choices are selected as per the author’s preferences, and once the format is finalized, it is easier to select the events that can be included in the book.

Finalize the Theme:

When you decide to write a book, you have to develop a theme. Whether you are writing the book for your family member or the new generation? Are you willing to share your personal experiences for people to learn out of it? The sole reason for selecting a theme is to decide what part of your experiences you want to get out in the world.

Use your Loved Ones:

As a human being, it is quite impossible to recall all the events and memories of your life with minor details. The best approach to include an event in the book would be quick research about the event. You can go to your loved ones associated with the event and get some details from them. Moreover, you will also get a different insight into the story, which can be very beneficial. Another side of the story can give a strong composition to your story. Be fully prepared for all the content and observations of what will come out of your loved ones. You will understand the different perspectives of your story.

Take Help from photography:

Try to find the old pictures because this is one of the greatest refreshing memories. It will give a strong authenticity to your story. When you plan to write a book, then collecting pictures from the past can succeed.

Emotions can be the Hero:

As a reader, nobody likes sad stories, so try to keep your content less depressing. Understandably, every individual has a different life. Some have happy ones, and some have sad ones. Even if you have many painful experiences in your life, still try to add happy events that can make your readers happy.

Audios and Videos to be used:

Audios and videos can be very helpful in writing your book. They can be used to recall and record events and memories. These days people tend to record almost every event of their lives. These recordings can be used when you are writing a book. They help you to draft the story straightforwardly. If you plan to hire professionals for writing, you can take the recording to them, making their job even easier.

Enjoy Therapeutic Writing:

Writing your story can be therapeutic. You offer happy and sad moments from life experiences that provide emotional and psychological healing. The nature of human life involves ups and downs, but each of these events is very significant for individual grooming. You get useful experiences out of it. Your story should be portrayed so that it should reach the core of the hearts of the readers. Before that, you need to be emotionally attached to your memories and experiences.


Writing your life story can be overwhelming. The foundation of writing your book is the format and objective of your book. What are the outcomes you are expecting? Once the objectives and vision of the book are clear, then the rest is all about writing. If you believe that you have a strong story, but you cannot write it down in a book, then ebook writing services are always available for you to become an author. Give the brief to writers and leave the work with the professionals.

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