How Did James Heltibridle’s Pass Away?

There is a saying, ‘A good filmmaker is needed to make a film twist and fan lovable.’ James’s Heltibridle was a prominent figure of those saying. Born in the United States of America, James’s Heltibridle was making his future on film invention and production design as well.

Fan-favorite James Heltibridle is no more in this world. Let’s talk about his life and death.

James Heltibridle Only A Film Director

James Heltibridle was a brilliant and famous filmmaker until he passes away. He made various movies and earn many positive comments during his life. 

Latest TV series poster of James Heltibridle
Latest TV series poster of James Heltibridle


Besides film making, he also delivered his knowledge as a production designer on the short movies ‘Memories and ‘Death and the Robot’ in 2012 and 2013 respectively. During his time, he was termed as a hardworking and dedicated director.

Some of the movies work he has done are listed below;

Production DesignerArt DirectorTransportation DepartmentArt Department
Memories Venison EatersDust DevilsThe Walking Department(TV Series)
Death and The Robot  Hearts Still Beating

Above mentioned list shows that James not only works as a director and as a production designer, he also used to work in a Transportation department and in the Art department, which shows he was happy on his job and wanted to work more on this field.

What Was The Reason Behind The Death of James Heltibridle?

Sorrowfully, James Heltibridle left this world, and shock his fans. His death gave bitterness, to whole Hollywood Industry. The kind heartens director died on the 10th of November 2016.

James Heltibridle passes away due to a severe car accident on his way home from the set of the series ‘The Walking Dead’. James was a member of TV series (The Walking Dead), the actors, media persons and other people who know him express his condolence.

Though hard worker James’s Heltibridle is no more with us, he will, should always be remembered. His directing style will always be admired not only that, the up coming director will also learn from him and follow the path created by him.

Flash Back On The Life Of James Heltibridle. 

James was born with Sagittarius sign on 29th November 1998. He is of American nationality and from white ethic group. Having a bachelor in Art and in Production Designing, James’s was earning many good comments through his directing style.

Even at his small age, he contribute lot to Hollywood film Industry and also entertain people. Before his demise he was a very much part of ‘The Walking Dead family, his post on his twitter account recommend this, and the premire was held on the Madison Square Garden in October 2015.

James Heltibridle with Chloe Bennet and Norman Reedus at Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere.
James Heltibridle with Chloe Bennet and Norman Reedus at Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere.


It seems that he was busy and happy with his project, being happy too he cannot fulfill and upgrade his dream. James pure soul may Rest In Peace.

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