How distributors can scale up their digital business using Amaze PIM software

In digital commerce, the success of distributors lies in the efficient gathering, creation, and distribution of product data, coming in from different sources and business partners. You, as a distributor, have to deal with this critical data, which can be in text, image, audio, video, PDF, and many other formats. Not only does it require you to consolidate this data, but manage, organize, and enrich it to describe your products your way. At the same time, you need to share it with different teams and channels to make sales happen. That is where product information management comes in to help. Better if you have Amaze PIM software deployed.

Not surprisingly, the data log keeps mounting and needs regular updates with new products coming in and existing ones from the catalog going out. Maintaining and keeping track of this data without missing a single product or attribute on the list is an uphill task unless you have a PIM system to do the job. However, if you use one, all this becomes easier and more efficient.

Product data problems are similar with every distributor. It is often the result of poor communication, inefficient processes, and bad handoffs between departments. Gathering, creating, and maintaining product information on a complex computer system takes a lot of time and effort, often resulting in a digression from the core business focus and raising the need for a comprehensive PIM system. Besides having the right people and processes, you may need an apt technology to grow as a distributor with online footprints. Amaze PIM is a one-stop solution to help you focus on your core business so that you can ace digital commerce. It gives you a holistic approach and a single source of truth for all your product information, whether in use or at rest. Further in the blog, we will talk about what Amaze PIM is and how it helps distributors scale their digital business.

Amaze at a glance

A comprehensive, native-cloud software developed by Blue Meteor to help businesses solve problems ranging from digital content creation to distribution, ‘Amaze’ leverages advanced data intelligence and machine learning. It allows companies to perform actions inherent to creating, enriching, and receiving/sending product data. By utilizing its PIM, DAM, and Syndication capabilities, companies can increase their reach and market share. Here is what makes Amaze PIM essential for distributors.

How it helps distributors

From the distributors’ point of view, Amaze PIM is a boon as it improves their ability to deal with complex product information. It enables distributors to consolidate, manage, and enhance product information on the same platform. It acts as a central repository allowing users to source, create, organize, and do more with product information. The software enriches content and data quality with a multitude of pre-loaded templates.

The centralized access to product information makes it easy to track errors and discrepancies in the catalog and rectify them in no time whatsoever. Moreover, it allows seamless distribution of product information internally and across channels. To cut a long story short, Amaze PIM software empowers distributors to:

  • Consolidate product data from various manufacturers or suppliers and transform it into uniformity as per their own catalog structure.
  • Design and build catalog structure.
  • Create and populate the products (SKUs) in the catalog.
  • Categorize products correctly through taxonomy hierarchy, product families, etc.
  • Describe products accurately and extensively through product attributes and the population of those attribute values.
  • Maintain catalog and products in it every time a description change is needed, new products get added, and old products get obsoleted.
  • Automate syndication and distribution to accelerate time to market.

With Amaze PXM at work, the overall process of product information management is easy and efficient. Distributors must invest in it to meet the basic requirements of accurate, complete, and rich product information and scale from there.

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