How do I log into my router TP-Link?

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Searching for ways to tp link log in, guess what somebody has bought a fresh tp-link networking device. We are hoping it is one of their devices from Wi-Fi generation six, whether be it a router or a range extender. There are actually a couple of ways for tp link log in; it doesn’t matter what kind of tp link you own – all devices can be logged in seamlessly, seriously, with zero hurdles. There is a URL called that solves most of your queries, but hold your horses before reaching there.


The company has been in existence for more than twenty-five years and literally manufactures a number of amazing networking devices, so your home and office never run out of internet signals and make sure to meet all your networking needs. The wide range of devices help you opt for something you really want; be it for gaming, tp-link has specific routers to serve your gaming needs, and there are particular routers specifically for extended network and multiple devices – in case you want your router to run smoothly with a number of devices. Just do tp-link login and even customize everything as per your needs.

Tp-Link Login

So, further towards the ways how one may log in to the tp-link router – there are all in all three major paths, and you can opt anyone from them. The ways are written below –

  • Web-based – wireless means
  • Web-based – wired means
  • Tp-Link Tether App based method

You may select the one more suitable and feasible for you. But before that, one must settle the newly bought tp-link device. Let’s walk you through that first; in case you already have the device configured in terms of hardware, then you are allowed to skip the step.

  1. First of all, disconnect your home modem from the power socket. In case your home modem has a battery in it, and it works on that, then please remove that battery.
  2. Second, do the same with the newly bought tp-link device. Make sure it is not connected to any power source.
  3. Grab an Ethernet cable attach the cable’s one end to the modem and another to the TP-Link device.
  4. Now you may power up both the networking devices. Guess what you have completed the setup required before? One may hurry up to the login.

Web-based Tp-link Login (Wireless)

  1. Open the wifi connection settings either on your smartphone or on your computer system.
  2. Once the first step is done, check the back of your tplink router, there are credentials written on the back label of it. Those credentials are here to forge the network connection.
  3. Enter the credentials we found in step two for forging a network connection.
  4. We hope you have made the connection; once that is done, open the browser in your system that you just connected to the new network.
  5. Now, run the link – in your search bar. In case the link does not work, then you may enter the IP address, or you can also use the IP address
  6. Now the tp link log in page has popped up on your screen asking for login credentials.
  7. The username and password for this login are at default. Both are admin, so enter word admin in the box of a username and also of password.

We should say, work done well. Now towards the next web-based tp-link login method.

Web-based Tp-Link Login (Wired)

  1. For this method of login, we will need an Ethernet cable.
  2. Use that cable to connect your computer system/ laptop to the tp-link device you are configuring or logging in to.
  3. There are SSIDs written on the back of the tplink device.
  4. Go to the wifi network settings of your system. Over there, you must be seeing an SSID that you just found in step three. Enter the password, which is too mentioned on the back label.
  5. Now when the connection is established, make sure to open the browser.
  6. Run the link – on your search engine. In case the link doesn’t work, you may use any of the given IP addresses – or
  7. The Tp-link login page must be flashing on your screen.
  8. The username for that login is admin, and the password is admin too. You are now successfully logged in to your tp-link device.


App-Based tp-link login 


Tp-Link Tether App (App Store) –

Tp-Link Tether App (Google Play) –

  1. Download the application on your phone and launch it for further access. You may download the application from the links mentioned above.
  2. Once you have enabled the application, go to the wifi network connection settings of your phone.
  3. Look for the SSID on the back label of your tp-link device. Search for that username in your network connection, or you can enter it manually. The passcode is mentioned on the back label too.
  4. Join the network.
  5. Open the application and follow the on-screen instructions – you are good to go now.

We hope this write-up will be of complete help in logging into your tplink device, and your tp-link login has been a success. In case not, kindly reach out to us. Our team will help you out, and we feel absolute pride in doing so.



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