How Is Professional Raccoon Removal in Vancouver Done?

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Raccoons are clever wildlife animals and dangerous to confront at the same time. They have paws to open and pry objects like humans. Raccoons can also harm humans at times ad carry health risks. They’re more than a threat to residential spaces because of the previously mentioned facts. Raccoons are scavengers notorious for invading residential spaces in Vancouver. Contacting animal control experts for raccoon removal in Vancouver is best if raccoons infest a home space. Getting rid of wildlife animals is the job of professionals, and we shall tell you how professionals remove raccoons from a property.

Professional Animal Control Service

Choosing a professional animal control service is crucial to safely get rid of wild animals from the residential space. Additionally, the best animal control service will have years of experience in getting rid of wildlife animals. It will have the best equipment and traps to remove wild animals. It will make sure no one in the process gets hurt while it removes wild animals, like raccoons. A professional animal control service works methodically to remove raccoons from an infested space.

How Does a Professional Animal Control Service Work?

Here is how a professional animal control service works:

Initial Call and Inspection:

When you call professionals for raccoon removal, they will respond with a friendly greeting and willingness to help you. They will listen to your concern and ask basic questions to realize your situation. Then, they will tell you how they will proceed to remove the raccoon/raccoons from your home. They will give you a rough estimate over the phone if you request it. However, they will provide the most accurate estimate once they inspect your home and realize the raccoon problem. 

Professionals will arrive on your property on time for an on-site inspection. Professionals will come to your property in a neat dress with complete equipment for raccoon removal. Then, they will inspect your home to identify the entry and exit points of raccoons on your property. Once they realize the exact problem, they will tell you how they will proceed with raccoon removal.

Raccoon Removal:

Professionals will utilize the safe, humane, and non-lethal process for raccoon removal in Vancouver. They may use different methods and equipment based on the number of raccoons present on your property. Equipment that professionals may use for raccoon removal includes live traps, artificial hormones, automated static noise devices, etc. Once they extract raccoons, they will relocate them to a faraway habitat to let them live their lives in peace.

Racoon Clean Up:

Raccoons can leave a huge mess behind, embracing structural damage in the areas they occupied during their stay. Raccoon urine and droppings are toxic and unhygienic that professionals will also get rid of. Professionals will safely execute full-service cleaning and restoration with the decontamination, structural repairs, and IPM, for example.     

Post Raccoon Removal:

A reliable animal control service, such as Pesticon in Vancouver, will have a post-service check-up on a property. It will follow up with a post-visit call and on-site check-ups to make sure the problem is completely taken care of. Professional animal control experts will also give free suggestions to recommend homeowners what they should do next to evade raccoon problems in the future.

Hence professionals work systematically to remove wildlife animals from a property. You can always count on professionals to get rid of wildlife animals from your property, especially, squirrels, and skunks.


Raccoons are ingenious wildlife animals and dangerous to confront at the same time. Hiring animal control experts for raccoon removal in Vancouver is the right thing to do if raccoons infest a home space. Professionals work methodically to get rid of wildlife animals, such as raccoons from a property. Here are steps that professionals follow to get rid of raccoons from a property:

  1. On-site inspection to identify the extent of the raccoon problem. Then, they come up with the right raccoon removal plan.
  2. Getting rid of raccoons from a property safely, humanely, and non-lethally.
  3. Cleaning up and restoring the space once the problem is taken care of.
  4. Post-raccoon removal service to make sure they have done their job perfectly.
  5. Additionally, professionals will give suggestions to homeowners and recommend to them how to avoid a future raccoon infestation.  

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