How Is the UPSC Previous Year Question Paper Useful?

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A proper strategy is of utmost importance if you want to clear the UPSC exam UPSC Previous Year Question Paper . The exam can be pretty challenging to get through considering it comprises different stages and high competition. You need commitment and rigorous practice to get good marks; along with that, it is even more important to refer to the previous year’s question papers, as the UPSC exam is known for repeating questions year after year. The two major portion of the UPSC syllabus is current affairs and general studies.

Therefore, to know the right exam pattern, it is paramount for you to solve the previous year’s question papers. This will give you a better idea of what kind of questions are asked, and solving these questions will also help to increase your speed. Plus, you will not get nervous while attempting the exam as you already have a fair idea about the question paper.

So, let’s discuss the importance of the UPSC previous year question paper and how it can help you.

Benefits of solving UPSC Previous Year Question Paper

  • Exam Pattern- Studying the question paper helps the candidate understand the Prelims and Main exam trends. It makes the preparation of the exams easier as it will provide you insights on important topics and its complete syllabus. You will also get to know about the weightage of each section; this will aid in making the preparation strategy effective.
  • Trends- You will learn about the level of difficulty and how it varies every year. Once you know the difficulty level, you can do your preparations accordingly. This is important particularly for the General studies exam, as there is no prescribed syllabus for current affairs, so after solving the previous year’s question papers, you will get a hint on the topics you need to study.
  • Repetitive questions- It has been observed that in the past, there have been various instances when the questions were repeated. So, if you are well-versed with the previous year’s question papers, you can assure that the marks of those questions are secured. It can be of great benefit as in UPSC exams; even 1 mark can push or pull your rank.

    Question paper pattern-

  • When you solve UPSC previous year question paper, you will get a complete understanding of the format, type, and nature of the questions asked. You know that in prelims, you get the objective-type questions that sound easy, but when you solve the paper, you will know the difficulty level. The best part is that once you know the exam pattern, you will be able to finish the exam in less time as compared to others.
  • Self-evaluation- The major benefit of solving the previous questions paper is that you get to know where you stand in terms of your preparation. For example, you will get to know your speed, which will help you work on time management. When you solve these papers, you will realize that there are some common types of questions asked every year; therefore, you know that you cannot ignore them.
  • Revision- Solving papers is the best revision as you can evaluate your performance and work on the sections where you think you are weak. You can also get the UPSC previous year question paper on BYJU’S Exam Prep. They have all the previous papers plus experienced staff to help solve your queries and assist you in your preparations.

    Accurate Approach-

  • No goal can be achieved without the right strategy, and this goes right for clearing the UPSC exam as well. Accuracy in terms of strategy is a must for passing the exam. Therefore, by solving the previous year’s question papers, you can get an idea of the topics you need to focus on.

For example, there are a few subjects on which essays have been asked a lot of times; therefore, you can create a list of such subjects and prepare for them. From the above points, it is clear that solving previous year’s question papers can be of great help as it helps understand the exam pattern, your strengths & weaknesses. Furthermore, solving them is the best revision method and makes you comfortable in exams as you have already solved various similar papers Read more 


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