How much do Pakistani dresses weigh?

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Pakistani dresses are some of the most beautiful and intricate in the world, and if you want to wear them but don’t have much storage space, it can be hard to find one that fits your style and your space limitations alike.

But how much does a Pakistani dress weigh? This depends on the materials used to make it, which in turn depend on the quality and the style of the dress. If you want to find out how much your favourite garment weighs, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Pakistani dresses and their weights.

What Kind Of Dresses Are Heavy?

Pakistani dresses are relatively light, which makes them great for all seasons. The fabric can range from synthetic to silk and natural fibres, but they are all lightweight. Some of these types of dresses have embroidery and sequins sewn onto them as well, so that adds weight as well. But overall, Pakistani dresses weigh between 2-6 pounds on average. The Weight Of An Average Pakistani Dress: 4.7 Kilograms (10 Pounds)

Why Pakistani Dresses Are Heavy?

Pakistan is a largely agrarian society. Many families have fields of wheat, and their staple foods include bread and roti (flatbread). The women’s dresses commonly have large sleeves that are often filled with colourful embroidery; heavy cotton fabrics are also very common in traditional styles.

There are multiple pieces to every ensemble—which may or may not include a sari-like shalwar kameez—and all those pieces combined can make for extremely heavy wear.

Some stores will sell weightless polyester clothing as authentic Punjabi costumes but if you plan on wearing it at a wedding or other such event, it might be best to find something more authentic.

How To Make A Pakistani Dress Lighter?

The Lighter The Better! If you’re a bride-to-be and you want to look your best, then don’t forget that you also have to keep in mind how much your dress weighs. You might think all dresses weigh pretty much the same, but if you ask a seamstress they will tell you that they can make even chiffon dresses lighter than others.

From Where to Buy High-quality & Affordable Pakistani Dresses?

Buying affordable Pakistani dresses online can be tricky. However, if you find the right clothing brand, there will be no worry about that. For Pakistani women, finding the right dress can be an exhausting and frustrating process.

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