How openness influences your behavior

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Openness is a very grey trait. Some people consider it a good thing to have while others avoid being open about anything. It is a growing world and to influences your behavior at a parallel speed we need to keep adapting to changes. For this, you need to have a little openness in yourself. Open personalities are very adaptive and are said to be more curious. They are very confident while dealing with new people and things. These are a few abilities that allow them to adjust to new environments easily.

Improved creativity:

Openness is also known as accessibility. It won’t be wrong if we say that openness allows a person to accept changes. It enables them to discover, involve and process new things. This enhances their creativity which is evident in their work and personalities. They tend to make all the things more interesting and innovative. If we compare this trait of people with high degrees of openness to the people ranked on the low spectrum of openness, it will be clear proof of creativity being linked to openness directly.

Enhance knowledge:

Knowledge comes from research. Research demands acceptance and willingness to look for required material through all means and places. Openness allow people to interact with all living beings better. They interact with people and can go places seeking knowledge. This gives those tons of new information for every aspect of life which later is used as knowledge and material for cognition. And as we know, Cognition helps people in determining and analyzing ideas.

Multidimensional approach:

When you are open to new ideas with the acceptance of different opinions you will realize new dimensions for viewing every point. This takes a person to a multidimensional approach. With this ability the people who possess openness can think more politically and wisely, deciding what the best possible approach in their interest is. Such insights can nurture the political nature of mind which improves a person’s intellect.

Sorted relationships:

Expression is the key to keeping any relationship healthy. Openness allows you to express yourself in the best possible way. It enables one to share their problems in the initial stages and that helps the partners sort out their issues on a very basic level. The ability to express and accept the different sides of a personality leads to a healthy and interesting relationship.

On the other hand, people who are low on openness like to do things in a conventional manner. They feel comfortable in familiarity and regularity. They usually have a hard time adjusting to changes and newness. Such people tend to cling on to things too. It’s not easy for them to let go of the old ways.

This is because they get too comfortable with their way of doing things. This problem in severe cases leads to rejection of new and prosperous opportunities. For instance an upgraded job but in a different city or on a separate scale. They tend to stick to what they find familiar and routine.

Behavioral changes are more linked to your determination than your inborn abilities. Therefore, the openness of a high or a low scale won’t bother you if you want to bring a positive change in yourself. But before anything you need to understand and love yourself. Allow yourself to be wrong and accept the mistakes you have done in the past. This will bring the right amount of changes and induce correct frequency openness in your personality.

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