How quickly does self tanner work?

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Tanning isn’t only a trend during the summer season . There are people with thin skin that are unable to get an even tan without hurting the health to a certain extent as well as others who would like to look tanned all the time. There are also those who aren’t keen to lay for hours in the bath. Their solution can be self tanning However, do you know the difference between them and how they function? Today at we answer your questions.

What is self-tanners?

Self- tanning products can be described as cosmetics which artificially give an even tan. At first, self-tanners were developed in order to ensure that people who have sensitive skin could not be affected by the effects from being exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

This cosmetic item doesn’t harm our skin since in the last few years research has been conducted on its composition and is improving. They provide an glowing color on the skin’s epidermis. They can be easily absorbed and do not leave that orange-tone of the past.

How do they function?

The self-tanner’s composition consists mostly of erythrulose and cane. Tan tone is visible when dihydroxyacetone touches the skin, leading the chemical reactions that causes dead epidermis cells to turn brown .

The degree of tone is determined by the proportion of dihydroxyacetone which is present within the formulation of the item. For a rough idea of the amount, at 2% you’ll immediately see the brown but they usually vary between 3and 6 percent.

There are various kinds of self-tanners dependent on the time they take effect. We will tell you about them:

  • Face-tanners: Many self-tanners may be used on both the face as well as the other parts on the body. The only difference is that they need to be adjusted to the specific characteristics and requirements of the skin.
  • Instant self-tanners typically come in aerosol form. The effects can last up to one week, however it may also fade away by the end of the day.
  • Gradual self-tanners are in this instance the most commonly used forms are foams, creams or aerosols. They generally contain both dihydroxyacetone and erythrulose as part of their formula . To get the desired tone it is advised to apply it on various days to avoid fear of getting a shiver!

How do self-tanners work?

We know what self-tanners comprise However, it is crucial to understand how we can apply these products. From we offer some tips :

  • It is the first thing to do. visit your closest pharmacy , and ask the doctor guide you in selecting the best self-tanner for your requirements.
  • Before applying it, it’s important to eliminate the hair off the skin on the areas are to be tanned. If you’re bald and have a small amount of hair, there is no need to perform this step.
  • It can be difficult to attain an even tan when your skin is damaged or dry Therefore, it is recommended to first cleanse it to eliminate any dead skin cells in the epidermis.
  • The skin should be completely dry. If you’ve just taken bath, be sure that you dry thoroughly by using a towel and allow the humidity in the bathroom to dissipate.
  • Don’t rush! For a professional appearance make sure you have time to complete this procedure, as rushing could create a bad outcome.

At the pharmacy you will find a wide range of self tanning products from various brands. Do you know which one is closest to you? We recommend that you download our app to locate it!

You can also purchase them at the general counter of Use this link to purchase your self-tanner.

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