How should I choose the best reliable hosting company?

Reliable hosting company – If you foresee your business growing to its optimum potential, investing in your online presence must be your top-most priority. In the current era, you can never afford to miss out on the opportunities your solid online presence brings to you. Consequently, you must join hands with a reliable hosting company for a top-notch website. As tech experts, we endorse the need for the best web hosting in Pakistan for the following reasons.

Loading time

Since Amazon has reported alarming stats about their loss of business due to their loading tine lagging just 3 seconds, the importance of optimized loading time is vivid. Indeed, you would never wish to lose your competitive advantage with the increasing bouncing rates, abandoned carts, and depreciating conversion rates. This is where robust web hosting plays its role. 


If you happen to fall into the hands of a poor web hosting agency, you will be prone to have your website disrupted or unavailable to your prospective customers. Indeed, it leads to losing customers, their trust, and your revenue. Hence, you must choose a reliable hosting company like Navicosft that ensures 99.9% uptime.

Ranking on SERPs

Concerning the downtime of a website, your ranking will suffer if the search engines try to fetch data on your website during the downtime. Indeed, no business can afford to lose its ranking on search engine results pages because it simply means losing business. Therefore, it calls for the best web hosting in Pakistan for your website’s improved performance. 


This is quite a technical point you must pay attention to while choosing the best Web Host Services. If you think you can host your website anywhere around the globe, that’s just a misconception. Doing such may result in severe damage to your website’s ranking on SERPs. It affects SEO because search engines track the IP addresses of the servers to give the users the most valuable and related information. Hence, only the best web hosting in Pakistan would make the perfect choice for you.

What are the characteristics of a reliable hosting company?

Before getting into the details of choosing, you must know what options you can have with a hosting web agency. Web hosting allows you to store all your website’s data with them on their servers. Following are the main types of hosting services offered.

  • Shared hosting 
  • Dedicated hosting 
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud hosting

However, shared hosting is the most widely used hosting option in which different business websites share the common server space. Conversely, if you are looking for ultimate safety, dedicated hosting will suit you the best. 

Here is a detailed guide to help you choose the best reliable hosting company because the choice does not circle only the bandwidth and disk storage. 

Security, reliability, and uptime score

When your website means business, you cannot risk the unstable network and weak servers because it will be pushing your website offline. As mentioned above, you will not only lose on your viewership, and sales but you will be losing on your ranking on the SERPs. Hence, never think of joining a company that reports less than 99% uptime. 

Furthermore, check the reliability and security of the hosting company you are about to choose. Indeed, with the ever-increasing cyber-security breaches, you must ensure that your company guarantees the protection you need. You can do this by reviewing the web hosting surveys and reviewing blogs. 

Customer service

The second most important characteristic of the top-notch web hosting services in Lahore is their customer care. To avoid any prolonged glitch with your website, you must choose a reliable hosting company that offers 24/7 support. You may also see if they provide chat support and social media visibility instead of support tickets and emails. Furthermore, the companies with an in-house support team are always the top priority because they deal with the issues more professionally than outsourcing support services. 


Always have a plan, especially during the peak times of cyber threats. If vulnerable, cyber-attacks may cause irreversible damage to your website. For example, it may destroy or replace your website’s index.php file. Furthermore, you can never omit the possibility of a local hard disk or server failure. Hence, you must get the web hosting services in Lahore that provides regular backups.

Account limitations

Typically, hosting companies have their set of terms of engagement. If one fails to abide by these terms, the company charges them extra or simply discontinues your service—for example, the use of CPU to run the scripts that exceed two seconds on their server.

To avoid the extra charges or shutdown of your website without any refund, you must go through the terms and conditions of the company in detail. Never sign up with a company with vague terms of engagement. Lastly, join hands with a reliable hosting company with clear terms of engagement that you plan to follow. 

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