How Square Yard to Square feet Happen, and Other Property Measurements

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A square yard and square feet both are essentially land area and property measurement units in India. Therefore, for an inclusive understanding, individuals must know the common land measurement units used in India. Besides, individuals must be aware of the common conversions of the units like square yard to square feet.

Individuals must take note that One square yard = 9.000000878 square feet

Converting square yard to square feet

One can easily convert sq. yards to sq. feet or vice-versa with a simple procedure. 

Following is the process of converting

As mentioned, 1 sq. yard = 9 sq. ft., individuals need to multiply the figure of sq. yard with 9.000000878.

One can also take assistance from square yard to square feet online calculator to find the value easily and accurately.

Let’s understand it better with an example-

Example- How to convert 70 sq. yards to sq. feet?

As per formula- yd2 x 9 = ft2

Therefore, 70 yd2 x 9= 630 ft2

The final calculation is 70 yd2 = 630 ft2

What is meant by Square yard?

A square yard defines an area unit where each side is one yard long. Square yards are primarily used to refer to carpeting and flooring. But one can find them in different situations where they need to illustrate the measurement of an area. It is a popular measuring unit that originated in the UK. However, in some states of India, the Government still uses this measuring unit to evaluate the price of a property or land.

The Indian Government fixes a circle rate with which one sells a property or land. For instance, landowners use a square yard as a measuring unit in Haryana to decide the circle rate per unit area.

Individuals must know that 1 square yard is equal to 9 square feet. Hence, one needs to multiply the sq. yard value by 9. One can understand it more clearly with the following example-

  • How many sq. feet are there in 100 yards?

Since the formula is square feet = square yard *9, individuals need to multiply 100 square yards by 9, which is 900 sq. ft. in 100 sq. yards.

What is meant by Square feet?

If you form a square, the space or area inside the square is known as square foot. If we consider mathematically, sq. foot denotes the area of a square where each side measures 1 foot lengthwise.

Since most property prices are measured and fixed per square ft, it is essential to know how to convert square yard to square feet. However, one can use both the units conveniently if they know the conversion procedure.

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Apart from these measuring units, individuals can also convert square meter to square feet and other prevalent land measuring units in India by using a land converter calculator.

Converting square yard to square feet can be complicated; however, using an online calculator can simplify the calculation. In addition, it provides borrowers with a clear idea about the loan amount beforehand, but they must also know the essential factors to consider while availing of a loan against property.

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