How to access setup page?

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The tp-link routers display a wide range of features and advanced settings. If you wish to personalize those settings, you can get access to them using This blog will be helpful in providing all the necessary information that might prove to be useful for further scenarios. You can also consider this blog if you have various troubleshooting issues and want to seek guidance on any related topics.

What exactly is

If you wish to configure the settings of the tp-link router, you will have to log in to the router’s interface. is the default gateway that can be used anytime to access the router login page. After putting this web address in the address bar of any preferred web browser you can always get access to the advanced settings of the router and can secure access from any third-party authorization. There are many settings and features that you can change using this gateway only if you are connected to the router’s network first. Whether you want to perform the tp-link firmware update, or set up the parental control, you will have to take help from the default gateway. The is available is used as another alternative gateway to login to the tp link router setup page.

Ways to access the setup page

You can surely make all the desired changes to the router once you get access to the tp-link login page. Once again keep in mind that the device should remain connected with the router’s network else it will give errors and not connect easily. All you need to do is open any web browser on your computer and connect to the router’s wireless network. You can make some prior changes to the devices including the physical connections. But once you get access to the login page, you will be able to access the web management page of the router where you can change its settings as per your wish.

Steps to activate your device in working mode

  • First of all, connect the modem with the tp-link router using an ethernet cable.
  • To the LAN port of the tp-link device connect any wireless device.
  • One by one you can turn on all the devices and provide the power supply.
  • Login to the web browser on the computer connected to the router’s network.
  • Input the web address or the default IP address in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Now, input the default login information like the username and the password in the required fields. Once you hit the login button, you will be directed to the quick setup wizard page.
  • You can make changes to the connection type by filling in the network name and the password and hence get your successful internet connection.

Login to the tp-link router using the

  • You can start by connecting the router to the computer device using an ethernet port.
  • Open any web browser and visit to get access to the tp-link router.
  • Enter the default credentials of the router and click login.
  • You can also look for these details in the user manual guides
  • If you face any error in the working, just reset the tp-link device. not working?

  • You have to be sure if the hardware connection is intact and made properly. The ethernet cables should be tight enough and not defective.
  • Make sure the power connection is stable always. You may fail to access the login page due to the insufficient power supply.
  • Always try to keep the computer free from any virus and malware. These issues may cause disruption in the working of the router login page.
  • Some browsers may cache the login page so you should clear the cache and cookies of the browser.
  • You should also delete the browser history.
  • You can also try using different browsers to access the tp-link web management page.
  • Cross-check the login credentials entered to make sure that they are correct.
  • The firmware should be updated as the corrupted router may not work efficiently.
  • In the end, you may go for the resetting of the browser if every troubleshooting tip fails.

Router reset

  • You can press and hold the reset button on the router with a paperclip for around 10 seconds when the device is in the running stage.
  • Now, release the reset button and let the device reboot. The reset function will erase all the personalized settings so you must consider it carefully before the actual performance.


The can be accessed if you wish to configure the setting of the router. If the above-given troubleshooting tips fail, you can for our expert’s team help. They will guide you with possible solutions.


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