How to Avoid Slipping and Falling Accidents

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It’s easy for anyone to slip and fall in a workplace or public building, and it might not be a big deal most of the time. However, some of these accidents could lead to serious injuries such as broken bones or head Accidents. If that happens, you might be entitled to compensation depending on where you fell and what happened. That’s why someone decides to hire a lawyer. There are plenty of slip and fall attorneys in Philadelphia you might want to contact in these cases.

But the truth is that everyone wants to prevent an accident from happening. No one wants injuries or to go through lengthy legal processes that could end up being a waste of time. Companies and public buildings, in particular, want to avoid lawsuits and high compensation settlements. So, here are several tips to keep everyone safe in these public spaces!

Keep The Floors Clear

Slips and fall injuries happen when there’s something on the floor that made someone miss their step. It could be due to obstacles as well. Therefore, buildings should always maintain clear paths for their employees and any visitors to avoid these accidents. Additionally, every surface should be clean and dry.

Stairways Are Tricky 

Unfortunately, people can fall while going up or down a staircase. It happens at home often, so why couldn’t it happen at the workplace? That’s why it’s important to follow the same advice as stated previously. Keep these spaces clear of any clutter and dry to prevent accidents from happening.

Additionally, these areas should be clearly marked. Every stairway requires a sturdy handrail so everyone can be safer, and there should be reflective tape at the bottom and top step to ensure that people don’t injure themselves.

Don’t Leave Loose Cords Around

A company or a hospital requires electricity, internet, and phone cords running through all areas. But managers can’t keep these things in plain sight. They have to hide them for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety measures. Cords can make people travel easily, and there’s the added danger of being electrocuted by one of them.

That’s why most contractors will run the cables through the ceiling or adhere them to the wall. Another option is to hide them under rugs. Furthermore, any power outlets have to be easily accessible and near important areas to avoid running extra wires everywhere.

Everyone Has to Use Appropriate Shoes

All your employees have to wear the right shoes for your floor. They should have proper traction and be comfortable to walk in. That’s why requiring high heels for women can be a problem in the workplace, as it’s way easier to fall in them.

Proper Lighting Is Vital 

Poor vision can also lead to slips and falls on the job or in public areas. That’s why a workplace needs to install proper lighting in every area, especially stairwells and hazardous places. It might even help to install illuminated steps to prevent tripping.

Immediate Cleanup

In case there’s an accidental spillage of water or other substances, you should get your janitorial staff on the job as quickly as possible. They need proper equipment and signage so that everyone avoids that area until the floor is dry and clean.

All in all, it’s not hard to avoid these accidents as long as your building is up to code and lighted properly. However, some situations might arise. If something happens, you can call slip and fall attorneys in Philadelphia to resolve the situation Read More

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