How to become a successful online teacher: tips to follow

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Pursuing B.Ed and becoming a teacher is the aim of many people. After holding teaching qualifications, filling out the application for a teaching job, and getting recruited, all teachers aim to provide students with quality education and achieve success in their professional life.

In today’s digital world, our education system has evolved a lot. Now teaching is no more limited to conventional classrooms, and online teaching is spreading at a faster rate. Let us discuss some effective tips to become a successful online teacher.

Tips to become a successful online teacher

  1. Set disciplinary measures for your class

For effective teaching and establishing a learning-specific environment, setting rules and regulations for the classroom is important. With active and obedient students, some have inappropriate behavior and cause trouble in teaching and managing the classes. To overcome this issue, and make students act in a responsible and right behavioral manner, set rules for your online class. This will make students act in the expected ways.

  1. Interactions with all

In an online class, students learn from their convenient respective places. There is a sense of isolation as face-to-face physical interactions are not possible. However, if teachers interact with all, it aids teaching and learning. With active interactors, there are also some students, who stay quiet, reserved, and conservative.

Shyness, fear of speaking, and lack of confidence can be a few reasons behind this. If students don’t initiate the conversations, teachers should try. Call out students by their names, ask whether they are understanding or not, during attendance roll call, know about their health, mood and studies. Try to create a joyful, and healthy interactive online environment.

  1. Use technical teaching aids

Being technically advanced adds to the qualities of a good teacher. Focusing on online classes via computer or mobile screens is already challenging for students. In between this, if teachers only use textbooks to teach, classes become boring and less understandable to students.

All teachers must use technology in the virtual classroom. By using online sites and apps, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker.

  1. Teach from a distraction-free environment

Becoming a successful teacher means providing students with a proper academic understanding. If teachers will conduct online classes from a place that has environmental disturbances, it will lead to interruptions and the flow of teaching breaks again and again. To not let this happen to you, make sure to conduct classes from distracted-free places.

Choose a study space that is quiet, calm, and helps teachers to concentrate well on teaching tasks. Along with this, remember to keep the mobile notifications and calls in mute mode. This will make sure that no disturbance occurs while teaching online. The classes will become more understandable and valuable for students.

  1. Have interesting participatory activities

The teacher-centered approach of teaching, that is a teacher explaining the topics and students sitting as mere listeners must be avoided.  With no opportunity to speak, share and ask, classes become boring and less interesting for students. Try to involve students more and more in the classes by conducting interesting participatory activities.

Some of the examples of participatory activities that can be conducted online are group discussions, recitations, question-answer rounds, playing games, online quizzes, riddles, puzzles, and giving vocal presentations. Active participation means more effective online teaching and learning.

  1. Avoid lengthy lectures or give students a break

Focusing via computer and mobile screens is difficult for students. Also, this can lead to excessive screen time further affecting the health of students. To become an effective online teacher, conduct classes of moderate durations. Or if your lecture is planned for a longer time, give students one or two small breaks in between. This helps students to relax a bit, and re-energize themselves to join the classes back again with effectiveness.


In the digital world we are living in, online teaching and learning have reached door to door. To become a successful online teacher, practicing the right teaching strategies is important. By following the above-mentioned tips that are ensuring discipline, using technology, giving breaks, interactions with all, conducting interesting participatory activities, and more, teachers can teach online effectively and efficiently Read More

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